Sooooo…what else can I tell you?

About ME. Ilze. Author of this blog.

A woman with endless to-do lists, last-minute efforts and living in hope that one day I can put to rest the million ideas I have in my head.

De-clutterer who loves to create, decorate and renovate.

I eat, sleep and dream details, hence my previous blog – “THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL” which now hides somewhere inside this blog !

 My brain revolves around color and color co-ordinated schemes even if it is in black and white !

Constantly busy to organize and orga-nice.

I love to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Doesn’t mean it is always that way….

Enjoying most to be a host – sharing tips, ideas and inspiration for any celebration.

Creating a home, not a house, as an expat spouse.

Styling spaces, writing about people and places. Using this blog as my oasis.



Hoping that this blog will be the INSPIRATION to turn some FRUSTRATION into CREATION !!

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