Storing Make Up Brushes


Recently I saw a great post in a series on organizing tips. It is from a super dooper blog called Deliciously Organized. Really worth checking out !

This tip was for Storing Make Up Brushes by adding sand to the container to make them stand up !

via Deliciously Organized: Storing Various Sizes of Makeup Brushes.

It immediately caught my eye as it reminded me a lot of my own brush collection on my countertop.

And I could relate to the problem they were describing – having them all on top of each other !

I loved the idea and tonight was the night I decided to take a little inspiration from them…..

So, I pulled the brushes aside…..Had a good look at them – mmmm….OVERCROWDED for sure !

But before I pulled over the sand… I thought of adding a little twist to it!

Instead of SAND, I added AROMATIC BATH ROCKS !!

Not only are my brushes now all standing up,  ready for action … it also smells delicious right under my nose while I do my make – up!

And the whole tray is now much happier…..

Thank you Deliciously Organized for the great tip !!!

Do you have great tips for organizing make-up?



9 responses to Storing Make Up Brushes

  • Grethe says:

    MMMmmmm….I like the idea! And the look. Sometimes I know for sure we’re family. Sometimes I wonder – I only have two make-up brushes and I don’t use it. Any other ideas of things I can stick into nice smelling bath salt?Have lots of that 🙂

  • mienie says:

    I like the bath salt ctystals more than the sand.
    Brilliant idea Ilze

    • Ilze says:

      SOOO happy to see you popping back in Mienie ! Hope to come up with some ideas… as soon as the dust settles after my crazy busy month, I can’t wait to blog some more…keep coming !!!!

  • Esra says:

    Great idea. I was not liking the sand. Going to try that one as soon as I’m in my house. 😉

  • Brandi says:

    Okay, that’s fabulous (and several of those brushes look familiar – hi fellow, MAC lover!). I have my makeup brushes in a drawer, and I hate it – I’m going to have to give this a try!!

    Just popping in from BYW!

    • Ilze says:

      If you liked the brushes, I am sure you would have loved the post about the jewelry as well !!
      Your blog is amazing – I have it for sure on my list to keep going to…just need to catch up on my BYW…sooo overwhelming with all the links and great stuff !!! But will get there….

  • Wendy says:

    So now I have to find bath salts
    Fab work !!!!

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