Thursday Thoughts: Packing


Today I send my son off to Thailand on a school trip. I, myself, go to South Africa.

He is to embark on an adventure with theatre and drama.

I am going to help finish off a project at our holiday home.

We have been  handed a lot of opportunities in life. We mostly try to grab them with both hands and make the best of it.

So far life has been good to us and we all have been blessed with rich experiences on this path of life.

It is however hard to separate a family to be off in different directions, once you look beyond the excitement.

We all look forward to what lies ahead, but mostly we look forward to be back together again to share with those who stayed behind, what we have learnt and how we have grown.

You always come back different after a trip. It is unavoidable to learn something about life and people while you encounter them on your journey – even just at the check-in desk at the airport. Be it hostile or friendly. It shapes us in who we are and how we believe the world around us is.

A lot is learnt from how and when we pack. The difference in mr O (my husband), myself and my son, in packing, is very indicative of our different styles, strengths and struggles. And it all shows…. the neatness of it all, the method, the procrastination in some, the last minute grabbing of things…..yes, it all reflects who we actually are on a daily basis. Very different indeed. It also reminds me how my young man is still a boy.

Today is a day of packing, preparing, leaving and lift-off.

For those staying behind, it is the start of counting-the-days till Mommy returns, making plans for big sister to sing little Sis to sleep at night in Mommy’s absence, thinking about how life is different without everybody here and thinking twice about whether big brother really is annoying when you suddenly feel his absence next to you at the dinner table.

We look forward to being together again.

Leaving is all about Coming Back.




3 responses to Thursday Thoughts: Packing

  • Varada says:

    Oh I know what you mean. I feel exactly the same way about my parents’ home in Goa, India even after being married and living in different places since last 8 years.

    Leaving is all about coming back. Indeed.

    Btw, I came here from the BYW bootcamp and loved your style of writing. Glad I found you…


  • Susan says:

    Missing you online. Hope that it is all coming together in SA. We fly out tomorrow morning. See you in HK soon! S x

  • Sabine says:

    Really loved this post! It’s soooo true, and yes, leaving is about coming back, and distance is not measured by km. I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas. Hope you are able to enjoy your now finished project. It looks amazing! Keep on grabbing opportunities like you have done until now. Hope your paths cross again. BIg hug my friend

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