Ahhh… what can I say….


I am a people pleaser. I am. My mom was one too.

It’s not always a good thing. So I am trying to be less of  that and more of this think-about-ME-FIRST kind of person.

But that is hard to do, because for me – it is truly important to see people happy. Especially if I can make them happy !

But being frustrated and stressed about a lot of things lately, having a lot to deal with……made me this person on facebook who started venting on my wall instead of enlightening people with lovely updates…


so, I figured it’s best I leave my fb page tonight for a while before it gets really ugly with all the bad things I want to say about the people who had upset me so much this week….

and rather go pin a few things on Pinterest.

Pinning and Blogging are my outlets for turning frustration into creation.

It works for me.

But before I left Pinterest to go to my blog, I spotted this one…..

A-ha !! See….

I always think I will have a bestseller blog if I could just speak my mind and put it ALL OUT THERE !!!!

Telling a few people exactly what I think of that stupid or inconsiderate thing they did.

As in “you watch your step, girl” or I will BLOG about you !!!

People would love to read all the saucy details of the things that make our blood boil.

Uuurrggghhh… I was ready to wring somebody’s neck today

…..and yesterday….

and the day before ….

and the other day…

and the other week….

Yes. That is not nice language.

So, I hope our relocation smooth out a little bit before this state of mind becomes a permanent persona of mine !

Sometimes I had the mental clarity to come up with a more sensible solution.

But some things were still a little hurtful and not so easy to just simply let go…

But.. what can you do….??

Why do some people choose nasty over nice?

Oh, I get it – they are all just trying to be helpful and put us up for success….

How nice.  Well, I have something to say to them too….

Remember I said I am a people pleaser and I also like to help people.

Yes – I found all these images on my Pinterest Board called Say It.

I just had a field day going through all the “advice” I pinned up there for myself to go pull up on a day like today .

My  friends had been a great support and cheering me on through this trying time and I do hear what they say…so I take their advice and I trust


But I’m a faithful girl and I know where the answers lie, too….

Do I even need to tell you the answer??

So, I had to accept a few things that are beyond my control…that in itself is a tough thing for me to do, but I know……

Oh… may I just say – a LOT of changes for me in store !!!

But I am trying to look at the bright side……

SO, I look forward to this new adventure awaiting….and..

going through the motions did teach me one thing that I am DEFINITELY going to apply more rigorously in me new life

There you go – who else but Oprah telling me this late hour via Pinterest !
I better go – these sayings only get better –

I already had too many candies tonight that I picked from the kids’ leftover Easter baskets !


Happy Pinning Everybody !

Sometimes it comes in SUPER HANDY !!! to get your thoughts and your ducks in a row again !!!

And to go take on life with a new perspective from the teachings through the journey !

The original sources for all these pins are on my board that you can find here.



7 responses to Ahhh… what can I say….

  • Shelby says:

    Great post–First, hang in there. Second, I just love the “I will not keep calm and you can fuck off” one! Perfect, perfect, perfect! sbc

  • Yvonne says:

    Such a good idea! Let it all out!!! maybe I should also do a post like this one day…
    Hang on to yourself and let the others pass…
    See you soon for a new photo shoot or adventure or something – I already have some plans!

  • elli says:

    this was by far my favorite one!! i love all your signs!!
    i would love to read what you would WANT to write 🙂

  • Jenine says:

    That was INTENSE! I got stressed out reading it! Good luck with everything. I must say, I love moves. I’ve got a friend moving from here to HK in June. She’s having house trouble too!

  • Carla van Rensburg says:

    Well said. Enjoyed reading this, Ilze.

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