In the middle of nowhere right now….


Today I am finding it really hard to focus.

I want to go back to where I was a week ago and continue on that path that 2012 had set me off on.

But it is hard to ignore the fact that I have been re-directed and need to think of a few things beyond those that I had planned in the beginning of this year.

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Right now, I am just hanging somewhere in between where I was a week ago and where I will be going in the next 6 months and beyond.

A lot to think about. But as much as I am looking forward to our new posting, I am equally pulled into living my life here to the fullest for the remainder of our time here. This mostly revolves around my friends. I have met wonderful people here and continue to meet them and  investing in spending time with great people around me, is certainly a priority for me. I learn so much from others.

I have received such wonderful comments and messages following my post about our news and upcoming move.  Thank you all for your overwhelming response of well wishes. And yeah – my facebook likes got over the little bump of hitting 50…let’s hope 100 is next! Love to hear and see when people hang out with me.

Somebody asked me about the lack of content on my blog about my life in Seoul. I thought about that and had my reasons, but then I decided it might be a good idea to throw those posts in here in future. I love my house, my life and the city around me. So, be sure to check back in if you want to have a peek into that life that Seoul offers to expats.

And be sure that you will be hearing about moving, packing up and all the fun stuff that everybody experience who has ever had to pack up and relocate.

Sorry if you fancied my blog for the organisational inspiration that I promised in the beginning. It turned out to be a little harder to blog about that when your life is constantly thrown back into chaos.

So I have decided to perhaps just go with the flow and blog about life as and when it happens with and around me.

Hope you have a minty Sunday. With a husband off on a plane for his new job, I guess reality is slowly setting in.

But first ….time to go relax with my girls. They need Mommy time now !



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  • elli says:

    it’s always hard to focus on the present when there is so much unknown in the future!! You have a lot of great things waiting for you in the new place but you also have a lot of great things right here in seoul particularly right down the mountain from you!! 😉

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    Makes me happy that you got this far down on my blog ! See some older posts in the Archives or by clicking back.

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