Taking you to……… Stanley Main Street on a Sunday


One of my favorite places to hang out on a Sunday, is certainly Stanley, Hong Kong.

There is Stanley Market, Stanley Main Street and Stanley Plaza.

If you haven’t been……. Today I will take you there for a brief moment ……

Main street sign

….and my favorite time to be there …. is on a Sunday right before sunset.


 photo credit : Eddiwon

Stanley Main Street runs between the famous Stanley Market and Stanley Plaza. More about these two places in an upcoming post.

Hong Kong Expat Living has a culture of household helpers and while most of the week, only those with the luxury of not having a daytime job gets to enjoy the Main Street. On Sundays, most people, including the helpers, have the day off and I just love how everybody get to spend their day at leisure here – where all become one in the freedom to be and to hangout and to take a deep breath before the week commence , leaving behind what perhaps had been a challenging week…..


Some people sit down for dinner at this time ….but mostly it is an interesting exchange of “strollers” – human and other – in different directions at random since the road is closed off for thru-traffic in peak periods.

strolling 2


white shorts

The variety of the crowd is remarkable….. but there is one thing in common for sure…..

girls walking

Every other person has a dog that they bring along….competing for cuteness !!


And getting real VIP treatment in many instances.

There are the interesting ones you meet – like these two people asking me to take their picture – in an exchange of words that neither of us understood…..but with street-shots and camera-in-hand …that doesn’t matter…. we get the job done and everybody’s happy. A moment in time captured forever as a memory.


I will never know where they came from or where they are going. The important thing is that once we met and shared a moment.

Some get a chance to live out a little bit of a dream that perhaps never came true…..

guitar man

And people pause for a moment to appreciate…


While others solidify their special moment with a stroll down Stanley for a photoshoot on their big day !

bride2 bride1


The brides in their sneakers captures the spirit of Stanley in a nutshell!

passing by

I love coming here often and I hope you loved coming here with me today.

One day you should come here for real !

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And then…the delivery man from our neighborhood…. reminder that I need to head home and think about dinner !


 photo credit : Eddiwon


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