DIY Paper Organizer Clips


Today is Tuesday. That usually means that I am one day behind with everything I lined up to do with my week up to this point.

I know. It’s only day 2…

I just never do what I intend to do on a Monday. Many reasons. This time perhaps to be blamed on the insanely busy month October turned out to be and I needed a little rest and recovery…. stay-in-bed weather meant I had to do just what the Weatherman demanded yesterday and lay low !

But today it’s back to business and as I look at my never-ending to-do list, I thought of sharing a little DIY organizing tool I did the other day !

My wall almost always looks like this……


I have a wonderful “filing” system, but a lot needs to happen before  you can put those papers in a box or file or even bin them. That’s the part that sucks !

There is always a paper trail  that lies “behind” that sticky note that I pin up as a reminder…. the actual document or invoice or form or whatever…..

Those papers need attention !!

But it is super annoying to have that pile lying around while it is waiting for you to “deal” with them !

And so messy when it is just one big pile.

I have a few of these clips that are store-bought and they help keeping things “together” that belongs together…

Fancy Schmancy

Problem is that they are expensive, I don’t have enough of these for MY piles and they are not customized enough !

So, I decided to do a little DIY to the rescue.

Bought these super simple clips that you get at any handy- / stationery store.



and found some super downloadable, printable Jar Labels from Limeshot. Super, super cool site – go check them out !!!!!

Printed them out…..


Had to cut them down a bit… boohoo…… I know… they were so pretty, right?!

Cut outs

Personalize my labels to pile the papers together that belong together and ..

Stick them on…

DIY clips

…and voila !!! Less intimidating to have all the papers in one big pile…now, I can attend to them in a more organized manner and all in its’ own good time.

Don’t you just love it when you feel like you have done something even though you have done nothing yet??

I do.

So, let’s do a happy dance to celebrate just that !!! Getting things done without really doing them yet ….

It’s far from weekend yet…but I feel like we have done a lot already. Let’s dance to that !!



Happy TUESDAY everybody !





4 responses to DIY Paper Organizer Clips

  • Brenda says:

    What an excellent idea!

  • brigitte says:

    Love that idea, i have tons of papers everywhere at the moment! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandra says:

    What a cute idea. I’m confined to the house today due to a leg injury so it was the perfect thing to keep me busy. Used the labels on the lids of my spice jars since I have to look down to search for them daily! Now they look semi organized, even if the jars are all different.

    • Ilze says:

      OH nice job on the jars Sandra !! Too bad about your leg… hope you have a speedy recovery !! Hope you find lots to do while off your feet ! 😉

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