Filled Figs and Fantasies


I am having a ME day at home. Everybody gone and I am cracking away on things that I have on the MY list.

One thing I would not mind adding to my list right now, are these fabulous Filled Fig treats by Heidi Epling that I found on

Filled Figs

As she describes them – ‘Boozy, Seductive, Chocolatey”…. ooooh… that would have gone down well with my cup of tea now. What do you think??

Maybe it is because of all the cheese I have already consumed today….just need this FINAL Sweet Fig Fix !!

If you are with me on this one – you can always click the “Like” button at the bottom – this would not only let me know that you are in for a treat too….but I will also know if the button finally works !! How’s that for a double win ? sends me daily temptations to my inbox. Not only by way of sweet treat temptations.

But the saving grace for me has been that they don’t ship to Hong Kong.

Yes, the CEO even wrote to me one day…..promising me they would  – some time in future – (oh dear…that’s gonna rock the wallet !!) .

For now… his words:
We currently ship to all 50 states in the US as well as Canada. We also recently launched, which ships to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Estonia, and servicing the UK.

Just go to, or, create an account and we will ship it to you!

So – you might be somewhere where you  CAN get your hands on their products………, who am I not to share this good news?!

You can find them here. Yes – please don’t hate me for telling you !!

Oh – go ahead – it’s not all gonna bad for the hips – they have FAB things….. and it can distract you for HOURS !!! I know you are looking for something other than Facebook to lure you into a hour of leisure pleasure !!

But if you are stuck like me, with the shipping thing and a bit bored with Facebook …what else do you do with ME time when you get the chance to have it?

For me, it is almost holidays, which means I can go back to my home and I am already dreaming about all the things I want or wish to do over there ! I have spent hours today already thinking about putting finishing touches to the extension we added last year….

house green


So many things… little time… so many plans…….so much money….. aarggghhh…..but hey – who says we can’t FANTASIZE on days like these…. at least this option is not making me want that sugar rush……. but it is as satisfying nevertheless !

Can’t wait to get back there and put some details into the decor that I left behind last time I visited.

What do you do on days like these… a public holiday where you have a bit of downtime to think about things that matter to you most !!?


Would love to hear from you.....

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