Ten things I learnt from taking up Yoga


For too many years I did not get into the whole Yoga thing, because somebody told me it would take my mind and run away with it into some transcendent state and spiritual journey which did not quite sit well with my own beliefs.

But I met too many people on the way to whom that did not happen and who all looked totally fine to me and to be honest – in the best shape of any regime out there. So, I decided to try it out for myself. Loved it from the word go and now I am “well” (….debatable?!) on my way to some weird position that will make you gasp one day when I put it up here. Just watch this space !

yoga pose 1

Photo Source Credit: http://yogapos.es/poses/565#.VG01gFeUe0x Photo taken by: Bright Yellow Dot. Model: Rachel Novetsky

There is the Rachel Novetsky’s of the world…and it will take me a lifetime to never get where she already is. But so be it…..

In the meantime – I have already learnt so many other valuable lessons from doing yoga, that I would not dare, not share it with those of you out there still wondering if you should or should not become a yogi.

Today I share just TEN of the TOP benefits you get from taking up Yoga !

1. It really gives you the opportunity to look down at your feet during a pose, reminding one that one should have soaked off and not picked off the gel pedicure on one’s  toenails.

2. If you stand next to the wrong person in class, there is a good chance you will see yourself sticking out on both sides of them in the mirror.

3. There is a very good chance that at least 5 things you never got round to doing in the past week, will randomly pop into your head in one of the classes at a time where you have zero chance of writing a little reminder to yourself . So it will pop up again in the next class. And it will repeat… untill it stops… and then you will know you are not a beginner anymore. You tend to learn to not think of them. It becomes a time when you can … forget about them. Exactly the point of yoga.

4. You don’t need to put on socks and sneakers to go do it. What a FANTASTIC motivation to get up and just GO !

5. A simple seam on a yoga pant can become super annoying when it is too thickly stitched when you are suppose to be focusing on “nothing”

6. There is really no point looking at the person next to you. You will either hate them or hate yourself. Rather look at your toes – untill you notice the peeled off gel – then it make sense to rather look at the person next to you whose nail polish is still in tact.

7. I learnt that the mirrors in those gym studios are not nearly as forgiving as the ones they put in dressing rooms with dim lights.

8. I learnt to be thankful for the things I can do today. Because in ten years I would wish I could still do them. As I now think back in awe what I was capable of ten years ago – without  a day’s yoga !

9. People in a yoga class frown upon you if you wear make up and jewelry and not the other way round. How refreshing.

10. Big busty women has it so much easier to get their chest on their knees… it’s already halfway there. But oh boy, the extra weight to keep off the floor in plank… oh well… good for the arms I suppose !

On top of it all – it’s ALL about the teacher. I landed a hot spot with a SUPER teacher.

That is making all the difference to me….. I am loving it !

Just look at all the wonderful things you get on top of a sexy ass !!! All so worth it.



3 responses to Ten things I learnt from taking up Yoga

  • Sandra says:

    So true! Love it. Thanks for making me laugh!

  • Alex says:

    So funny! And sooo right! Bravo!

  • taesong Kim says:

    hahaha~~~ funny 10benefits it is.
    SO, YOGA is something different with other exercise.
    actually totally different! when you try to head stand and meditation. you gonna more luv this.
    oneday I hope we will practice yoga together in bally with warm breezing and peaceful ocean sound!!

    Ruth, she moved to India. contact with her! ha~^^*

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