Moving Mountains on a Monday


I am certainly not the only one who always think that I will move mountains on a Monday.


Only to realize on Monday evenings that I have overloaded myself and ended up going nowhere ?!

Mondays are always like new beginnings…. the day I will start a diet, the day I will be super-productive after a lazy weekend, the day I will finally sort out the finances, pay bills, make right all the wrongs in the world.

Countless times it ended in Migraine Monday, Messy Monday, Mundane Monday, Manic Monday, Moaning-Mom-day, Miserable Monday…..but never Magic Monday ???

Oh Monday madness.  Is there a cure?

Maybe. I have a plan up my sleeve for next Monday. Watch this space.

How was your  Monday ? Got something done?

Or was yours more like mine?  Let’s give ourselves a break. Four more days to go to get something done.

Let’s have a cup of tea first, take a deep breath and try again tomorrow !




2 responses to Moving Mountains on a Monday

  • Grethe says:

    Sounds familiar 🙂 Has certainly been the case over here…..didn’t achieve much, but at least spent some quality time with my little 3 year old. Today will (have to) be a productive one!!!

  • I loved you post (and the photo!), could really relate.
    My Monday is just starting so who knows, today could be the day:)

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