Messages make my Day


Dear All of You – who take the time to read my blog, look at my photos, comment on my updates and all those other things that indicate that  you notice, you care and you share!

I love receiving your messages…. and again this week – so many wonderful messages received from friends, fans and family… be it about my blog, my health, my life… via comments here, a phone call, a text,  the many many e-mails and facebook messages on my wall as well as via my blog’s inbox.

And sometimes I wish I can share them with the whole world… like how this guy hangs out his messages of appreciative customers outside his restaurant in Hywha dong, Seoul.  Telling them that what they said, mattered…..

…and if this was My Life Wall this week, it would have looked like this too….

So, this post is simply to say – thank you all your feedback and input and support and love.

I totally love hearing from you. Keep telling me what  you think. I always love hearing from each and everyone.

It keeps me going !! Keeps me blogging.

The most public of them all is still via commenting on the blog right here…but if not, I still see them, and that is what matters.

Each message is special. Each message is individual. Each message is appreciated.

I just LOVE IT !

Now – do remember to check back for that post on the Fabulous places to eat and drink that I said I was going to share. Remember here.

Till then – keep well my friends !



Would love to hear from you.....

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