Always a new start…


The kettle boiling. Three cups on the counter. Three chocolate cookies from the cupboard.  A little treat for me and my girls.

And as I waited in anticipation for the boil, cups and cookies neatly in a row.. my mind wandered about what lies ahead this semester and how we will do it this time round.

Tomorrow school starts again. Back home after a long summer break. Blog break so long that I had to enter twice when asked the so familiar “password box”…. only when it comes back shaking with “incorrect user or password”, I am woken up…shaken up…. at all the “new beginnings” I have made over the years.

Always new ideas and new undertakings at the beginning of a new school year.

And then pretending the calendar year also signifies a new “year” – gives me double opportunity to make all these deals with myself on how things will be different this time.

I can only sigh …

as I finally sign in…. accepted by my “Blog” after such a long break… always happy to welcome me back no matter how long the neglect…. I finally sign up for what lies ahead in real life too.

Whatever that is – be it different, be it the same. No choice but to give it a go and hope for the best.

Things are already different. I will post this – without having the perfect picture to go with it. Without having to know if anybody read it or not. But just by following my heart and pour it out when and where I want to….. as I pour in the tea and ponder while I stir it around hoping for a smile on the faces on the receiving end.

But by siging in, signing up… I am still in this game and I am still keen to push forward, carry on and make it happen.

Not only for me, but also my beautiful girls who are eagerly awaiting their tea and treats.

Remember to put “two cups of sugar” in mine, I hear the little one’s voice coming from 2 rooms down….

I smile for she should know by now (age 7) the difference between a cup and a spoon of sugar…. after all… she is the one who said at dinner….when I did utter some of my “plans” for the new year….”I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt your feelings – but is this not what you said one year ago?”

Yes – I did. Thank you for reminding me Sweetie.

A new start. A new time of trial and error.

As long as we keep on trying !

Our kids are watching. The world is watching.

Be true to yourself. And that is the only advice I comfort myself with as I sipped my tea…. and tasted the treat melt away in my mouth.

I missed you blog !! I am back.




Would love to hear from you.....

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