Anchor your boat – thank you followers



I took this picture earlier this week on my morning walk and there is just something about it that I LOVE.

Maybe the peace and calm.

Maybe the colors of the boats.

Maybe the fact that it reminded me of this blog and its’ followers.

I can see from the Statitstics, which I hardly ever look at, that over 14 000 people visited it over the past few months….

altbough I don’t know exactly who they are.

Don’t you too wonder – who are the owners of these boats in the picture? Who are they…where did they come from? When will they return?

But important for now – they are all gathered here at the same spot. That is the part I love especially. It was a good, safe place to leave their boats.

And some of you,  anchored your boats here, on this blog – long enough to rest and read some posts.

It kind of makes me feel bad that there is sometimes so little going on on the blog, while there are a million things in my head to blog about and make you excited about visiting !

But despite that,  there are still new visitors daily  or  returning followers for whom it is a place to come hang out for a while every week.

On the blog’s facebook page, I do notice every new “boat” that arrive , every  new “like”…. except that in those cases I do get a quick glimpse of who the owners are via their profile photos … and it is sort of like seeing the boat owner before he leaves his  boat !

A big thank you to the latest followers – naming just the ten latest followers on Facebook  – Achala Abeysundera, Nadia Chougui, Doreen Baros, Anne Sutton Fisher, Jennifer Hamlin, Jane Gilheaney Barry, Scott Santee ( I guess that is Lisa 😉 ) , Nicolle Kaspar, Kahori Matsui Roskamp…. and the list goes on and the thank you extend to  all 120 people and 30 page- likes before them. Always exciting to see every new face that shows up and give me a stamp of approval by “liking” the page.

Just like the boats look sort of the same and totally different  – there is surely  a common interest amongst the followers, and yet everyone different in their own right.

This  place where you anchored  for a while to rest and read… this blog…. is my familiar water….

and I am SO HAPPY for every one that meets me here…

even if the boats are empty and I did not see all the owners before they anchored  – I know they have owners….I know you are out there…

One way I can get to know you a little, would  be to occassionally leave me a comment.

That way I can get some sense of who you are…. and what you think. Your opinions certainly matter to me.

But if you are just happy to anchor and stay here for a while – I am also perfectly happy about that.

For me – time to start diving under the surface and bring up the jewels I know are down there…so we can share them on shore !!



4 responses to Anchor your boat – thank you followers

  • Susan says:

    Ilze, you certainly have a way with words!
    S x

  • Ilze says:

    Awwwww.. that is such a sweet comment, Susan. Thank you !! x

  • Doreen Baros says:

    What I love about this photo is the bright aqua and orange colors against a relatively dark background. It is a great pop of color . . . an expression of life and hope in a dark world . . . {smile} . . . I like to exercise my creative imagination!

  • Hi Ilze, I’ve known you reading your comment on Blogging your way. I’m a new blogger so I was curious to see how interesting could be a blog that had followed that course. Your blog is really so. I’ll come back to read it all.


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