Say What?  Yes. Marsala. The new Pantone Color for 2015.

It’s a WINE, it’s a PLACE, it’s a famous Chicken dish….. and right now it is IT !!! THE Color to go for.

And if you keep your eyes open – you will notice it everywhere.. it has been around for a long time…and still will be.
Like the inside of this old Trunk – my version of Marsala – spotted @Kamers earlier this year.
It’s a sophisticated, rich and grounded colour and the items that the owner displayed here actually gives you a good kickstart on what you can do with it in a room to bring out the colour. Either stay with it in the same hues… the beautiful copper, the color of the belts…… or go for something completely different and opposite to accentuate like the white or green in this case.
This is a sort of washed out version of the real Marsala. It gets more intense and deep as you move more to the color of the wine. See these gorgeous Celebrities who immediately embraced the new trend on the Red Carpet here.  Simply Stunning !!!

But I like this one too – the more humble version, washed out, been around and well-loved before ! On the inside of an old trunkcase.

IMG_1949 - Version 2

Poor MARSALA inside of the trunk had no idea it would become this famous…. but it has been around for a long time and hopefully will for many years to come.

So happy it is getting its moment !!

What are your views on it?

Personally, I like it. Actually, I love it. Remember this post from way back when….when I was WISHING for a room I could makeover in this color scheme and then had to find somebody else to give the goodies to?!

Well – that collage fits right into the mode you will enter into when you embrace this year’s Pantone Color Choice.

Ever wondered how they decide or who gets to decide on it? You can read all about it here and watch the video here for some wonderful insight into this process – an watch the Interview with Lee Eiseman – Executive Director of the Pantone Institute.

Would I personally go out and the next thing I buy do it in MARSALA?
Well – the short answer is No. The reason is not because next year it will be something different and you will be stuck with a “so last season” sofa…. it is more a question of it needs to be right for the room – no matter if it is IT and HOT right now.

But the answer is a definite YES if it suits your room, style and the ambience you wish to create.
It is a beautiful colour and if in doubt which direction to go with your next interior move, then I say go for it. Especially in the form of accessories that you can swop around and supplement once the color is not so high trend anymore.

My advice is always that a room and a space should speak to you personally and you should go with your gut and your heart and feelings at that stage and while you are in that room. Right now I have a little thing for Tangerine Orange and Cobalt Blue and it is so NOT the Pantone Color right now?! But I have a room and a couch that I feel is crying out for it…so, that is what I plan to give them now.

But if you are lost, you can certainly not go wrong to take the lead from the Color Experts and do something so hot, so trendy and so beautiful that it obviously spoke to enough people to be on TOP of TASTE for 2015 !!

Have Fun.

Let me know on the facebook page if you like it or not ?! MARSALA.

I like the sound of it – that’s for sure.

If you are still not sure what it exactly looks like …. here you go:

For some more beautiful images, go to Shutterstock here and simply Google MARSALA….. who needs me???!! to tell them what is MARSALA.

Have fun with it !!



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    Love your blog! Very inspirational…Looking forward to more news.

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