Lost and Found – a HOME


Except for us – it is FOUND and LOST.

Three times in three weeks.



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I get that.

I do it all the time.

Last week I had to cancel a party that I was really looking forward to host.

But this mind-changing seems to be especially true for property owners in Hong Kong.

The result – no new home yet…..

So, today I feel a little flat.

Thinking you got somewhere and then you are back to nowhere is a little deflating to say the least.

But, I have not lost hope.

There is a home somewhere out there for us… remember this post about a HOUSE and a HOME ? ……

Just need to find it !

Hoping that a wonderful house will open up in the Stanley, Hong Kong Area (or surrounding)

And hoping somebody might read this who happen to know somebody who knows somebody who will be moving and has a house…..just waiting for some lovely souls to come fill it…with all their STUFF …. that’s us !!

Drop me a line and I will be on it before you know it !!

Will be in Hong Kong first week of May – happy to go check out any cool shack !






4 responses to Lost and Found – a HOME

  • Lee Faulkner says:

    Will speak to some good friends of ours in HK. You never know. They might have a lead…… Fingers crossed!!!

  • It will happen! I looked for a house for years before I finally find the one I own. Even then, my family wouldn’t even drive by it at first saying we couldn’t afford it but here we are 5 yrs later…the right house is on it’s way. xo Desha

  • Linda Leyble says:

    Hi – just read your post on Facebook BYW – so I had to pop over to your blog (which is beautiful, by the way!). Love it.

    You used IPiccy (I’ve been using that as well)…the collages came out great. Love your pictures as well. I haven’t used the collage tool yet but I will try it out.

    I wish IPiccy had a straighten tool – I seem to always need that!! Oh well – first…go to Picasa!


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