Paris Croissant


I promised to let you know some of my favourite places to eat. Remember here and here….

Well, here is one more.

There are tons of them around the city.

Why the one in the Kyobo Building?

I don’t know and well, it just feels so….. PARIS -eeeee?!


Oh no, now I know… the pastries were fresh and divine, the drinks were delicious and the atmosphere was great.

They recently opened up (a couple of months now) and it is situated inside the building on a side where there is nothing else (on the side of the main street where there is only offices)

…so it is very easy to miss if you visit the Kyobo bookstore and enter from the parking or from another door on the backside of the building.

It is not only baked goods and pastries, but you can order some warm breakfasts or even some pastas from the menu.

If your thing is however not so much pastries, there is a fresh deli / another healthy eatery right next to it, connected with a glass door, where you can find fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices with a healthy sandwich.

So, you can share with your friends who are on a non-carb regime.

I have been there a couple of times and on this particular day my sister and her little one joined us and we lingered around the fresh aromas for hours.

The kids loved it too…and the two-toned Maccaroon was the highlight for some !

Others gobbled up the freshly baked bread….

They open very early (7 am), in comparison to most of the other bakeries for whom you sometimes have to wait till even 10 am before they put out the first batch from the oven for the day.

So it makes for a very convenient place for a early breakfast meet.

If you are a tourist in Seoul, well, then you can not afford to miss this spot, as there is an INCREDIBLE bookshop in this building – yes, Kyobo bookstore is a MUST see for every visitor.

The one in Gwanghwamun, very close to the Seoul Finance Centre.

It is an experience in itself to go browse around in the bookstore and Koreans often make it a family outing on a weekend night to take the family and simply go be around the books and experience the magic of a bookstore…even if it means they sit for hours on the floor  to read to their children. It is worth a visit !

If you have not heard this before… I have a bit of a stationery no need to tell you why I go visit the place so often ! Just love it.

Have you been? Do you like it?

What is your favourite bakery in your town? Do tell.

Off to bed to dream of the lovely croissant and coffee that will call me in my dreams to wake up to in the morning  !

Mmmmm.. I can still the fresh smell of Paris Croissant. Go try it !




6 responses to Paris Croissant

  • Tania says:

    Yum! I love the smell of fresh baked bread and your pics are so inviting.

  • gudy herder says:

    When I am home, I always go to “my” bakery which is not fancy at all but they know me, make me feel good by calling my name, asking where I have been recently and know by heart how I want my coffee. That is even almost more important than they product itself they offer. I just love personalized service. Your place looks very nice so!! xx Gudy

  • Mitzi Curi says:

    What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. My favorite hometown bakery is called “Bake-n-Cakes”. They make the best old fashioned molasses cookies in the world, along with pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, and lots of other sweet treats.

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