Reflections – in nature, our interior, our lives!


I can see clearly now, the Rain has gone !… la la la

Yes, I can make it now, the pain is gone..

all of the bad feelings have disappeared…la la la 

here is the Rainbow I’ve been waiting for..

it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

Look all around – there’s nothing but blue skies ahead

Look straight ahead – there’s nothing but blue skies above

I can see clearly now, the Rain has gone…

 That tune must have rung over and over in my head this week – and do yourself a favour and listen to it while you read this post – it will make it much more fun and you will catch my drift !!

Since as I lie here on my bed, this is what I see..

…nothing but blue skies, sea and blended blue hues of the mountain afar through my glass balcony, after the hurricane whooshed outside this same window this past week ( told you about it  here. )

But more importantly, I realize that I am starting to see the beauty again…of the things around me. I can see them again as individual objects and not just one huge pile of STUFF.

It is my rainbow !

Things that I love – like my Moroccan perfume set that I bought on a trip we had to Marrakesh. Read about it here.

And the fact that I can see and appreciate things again, beyond the Messy Madness of Moving, even though it is not all done yet, made me realize that I have now come a long way….and life is going to be normal soon.

I even had time to lie in the bath this morning and just appreciate the little visitor outside my bathroom window.

It must have something to do with the fact that we had another day out this week…. and oh yes, to my absolute surprise – I realized that life carried on elsewhere on the planet while I got caught up in my little world.

So on the way into the city, we drove past the most beautiful scene that we have seen in a long while. Impossible to capture as I rushed to get my camera out – but a little too late as the taxi driver had no intention to slow down …. but still – it was not only me who noticed.  My kids were so in awe about the Reflections we saw on that drive that they still talked about it around the dinner table – trying to give their dad just a glimpse of what we saw ! It was like a floating earth on a reflective surface which was just incredible and impossible to describe. And here is the best I could do in the passing-by to give you a glimpse !

…but coming back home that evening and having seen so many beautiful things from designers in beautiful shops , I wished that I could decorate this house in a fresh, new, modern style that would reflect the nature and location of this house.

But then I also thought about the reflections we saw earlier that day and how, as in nature, our interior never stand by itself, but  it always reflect something else. What we do to the inside of our homes on the one end, reflect directly on our lives and our decisions that had got us there in the first instance.

And back in my bedroom on the opposite wall , I saw some more of my things that have found a special place in this house again – things that I love and treasure.

And they reflect who I am and where I’ve been. …..the armoire from that same Moroccan trip, artwork from a Russian Street Artist when we lived in Moscow and the old Singer sewing machine that belonged to my mom’s grandmother.

…and so it would be wrong for me to decorate in a way that suits the house and the future and who we want to become.

A few new objects will come, I am sure…as we have new needs and new taste, but it is good to not completely let go of the old and strip naked in front of what lies ahead. So I feel better already for not being able to start from scratch in decorating the house with new, tempting pieces that I saw on our day out, but to have to make do with the old !

There is comfort to have your familiar things around you. And if you buy what you love and which appeals to you, it will do so for a long time – even when the walls around them take new shape and form. And hopefully those things which we end up buying while here, will go with us again from here – to reflect in a new place, how we have lived in this house and what we have loved while living here and what made us happy.

And already – there are things that make me happy – one of them looking out the window and see that some of us have already found the magic of a new beginning in a new destination……while others just go with the flow of what is happening to them ….and just obey to their orders !

And this Sunday is just what I needed too. A little break !

Taking a deep breath and being thankful for the beauty around me, without the storm, the wind and the rain.

Reflecting ourselves in our interior lies deeper than the objects itself. How do you decorate when you occupy a new home? All new….?

And does your furniture show who you are? Even if you think no – it undeniably speaks to who you are – if only just in your choices of the pieces you once chose…or can afford to have…. it all is a definition of us and what we love, care for or don’t care to have. Tell me your story of how you decorate, and what you love to have around you, no matter where you go.

But if decorating is not your thing….just enjoy the beauty of nature out there – wherever you are. Note the reflections and how the object itself can not control the reflection.

I am looking outside my window again, and the calmness is pouring in to make me feel hopeful that soon we will have a normal household with everything in its place. Old and new !

Hope you had a good weekend, ready for the week ahead – whatever it holds !



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