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(photo taken in FIKA book and coffee shop, Doota)

I have many, many ideas….to my own dismay. So many that I make myself crazy trying to figure out ways how to carry out some of them.

I have many, many opinions….to other people’s dismay. Sometimes saying things that I don’t express well enough to make sense or place in context and might leave a feeling of discontent with people having not understood my intent. I apologize if I did that to you.

Is intention good enough to justify things?

I know exactly where I want to be in life.

I am not at that place right now. And I have not figured out the means to get to that place. Yet.

I live every day by itself. Take it as it comes.

Is that a good way to live? Do people rid themselves of all energy trying to always make it to another place than where they are?

Or is that the way to go?  Everything focused on tomorrow and never just letting it be for today?

Or maybe the danger lies in thinking you are fine where you are and not worried about tomorrow.

Or does the answer lie somewhere inbetween,…content with today, striving better for tomorrow. Is that possible?

Life is short. Live for today … or tomorrow?

I wonder about that today.

Are you at the place where you want to be in life?




3 responses to My Thoughts Today

  • Sue says:

    Life’s a journey.. Not a destination..

  • elli says:

    I think i’m in a place I want to be……but always thinking I should be improving..

  • Tania says:

    I’m feeling more and more that I’m not where I want to be in life but still unsure as how to get there.

    I’m straight forward too and it is taken the wrong way many times even though it came from a place of good intention.

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