Garusogil – a Good Day out !


Keeping to my promise of a few weeks ago to show you more of the places I love in Seoul, I take you  today to Garusogil where my friend (meet her here ) and I went last week for a lovely day out.

We arrived early…..

Duty men around doing less glamorous jobs before the chic Garusogil clientele start to dress the pavements.

The promise of these bright lights woke up those of us who were still strolling the sidewalks drowsily.

Some however refused to show their faces all day long….

In Seoul, you can be sure that no matter how early you are on the streets, you will see some kind of photo shoot taking place…..before the day has even properly started !

…..always a stylist, a model, and a photographer…. guaranteed…..

Off course there is no better place to do a shoot than in the trendy streets of Garusogil. Where the young and affluent Seoullites hang out in the cool neighborhood of Apgujeong – dong.

It’s a feel good kind of stroll in the streets over there…with lots to feast your eyes on.

Around 11 am most shops were open and no doubt lured us in one after the other.

The late start is probably because there is also a lot going on at night.

But back to daytime, and you have no shortage of sights and sounds on the streets making up for the late start.

So many things to see and enjoy !


Who can be bored with Kate Spade in the neighborhood??

….and Marimekko….?!

From this point forward, it just got more and more bright and beautiful..


Yes – BRIGHT is certainly IN this season in Seoul !

But our day did not end here…

After a few purchases, we had thoroughly worked up an appetite and went to a fabulous place for lunch…and a darling little place later in the afternoon for a coffee. More on that in my next post !

If you still have not  seen enough of this trendy place … take a 2 minute break and enjoy this video that KimchiSeoul has posted on Youtube.


P.S  – did I mention that we sat next to CN Blue (music credit) on the plane from Hong Kong ?!  Yes people – K-pop is taking the world by storm ! Cute they were….

Hope you enjoyed that ! If you visit Seoul anytime soon – put it on your list as a must-go.

Did you see that windowcleaning-spraybottle on the Vespa at 00:35 ?  No…?? Watch it again. Love it.Come prepared.

Can’t wait to share with you the two spots Yvonne took me . Thanks friend for a lovely day out !

Have you been to this neighborhood? Do you like it… I mean ..just love it??!

Happy Trendy Tuesday Everyone !




4 responses to Garusogil – a Good Day out !

  • elli says:

    yes lOVE the street and shops!! wish it was down the mountain from us though!!

  • Yvonne says:

    Did not even realize you took so many pictures! I just love this neighborhood. We shall go back there in late spring!!!

    • Ilze says:

      Yes for sure…. shall we go on a Tuesday or a Thursday ?? ha-ha

      The trees do kind of spoil the pictures….so, the blossoms would be beautiful for photos !

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