So the Typhoon (T1) turned into a Hurricane (T9) soon after I published my previous post. Read here.


Nature’s Foce is something to reckon with.

I tried to take pictures but could hardly see out the window.

Running around securing items outside took the better of a few hours as my husband kept running in and out to tie down another thing that was flying around…… but eventually we had to just leave it up to the grace of God. No more going out once it had hit T9.

One little piece of trivia here – 3 big sections of glass (table-top of the patio table)  flew straight off the patio table and dropped on the hard floor, so my husband ran out again to catch them before flying away completely (photo on the right) – and not even a crack. Then we moved it inside and the next morning, moving the couch, they fell again and – one more time they all remained in one piece, no crack, no chip..small mercy and little miracle !

After very little sleep and very aware of the shaky windows as the hurricane carried on right through the night, I had no choice but jump out of bed when the kids woke me up in a panic  to come check all the flooding that came through the windows and door sleeves during the night.
And all I could think off, was how we were going to move this huge wooden cupboard on which I spent hours and hours the day before to fill it up with breakable items…you don’t just MOVE that…. it meant unpack….. let cupboard dry out … and repack !

I fled the scene for my own sanity…..and a lot happened between that moment and the moment my husband came in and said – it’s all done…

When I came down – rugs were hanging, towels dried out, floors dry and the wooden cupboard on planks in the air to dry.

All I can say – I don’t’ know what we would have done through this storm without my husband. Apparently the worst typhoon recorded since 1999 (I wonder why Russia also had the coldest winter in 30 yrs, while we were there, and Korea the worst snowfall and flooding – also while we were there…. or maybe best not to ponder…).

I looked out the front and the back door…and not without taking a picture off course….

Anyway – I’m still smiling ! Still standing….doing good and always thankful that my problems are still minor compared to those of others.

And oh boy, when I saw the pictures on the Facebook page of Localiiz, who shared the Instagram photos of other Hong Kongers who lived through the storm, was I THANKFUL that it was not MY CONTAINER that got swept off in the docks.

My house might be a huge mess, but we have all our things…they arrived safely…and eventually we will have peace and order again….. Always a lot to be thankful for !

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who sent me messages of encouragement and support and thoughts on my Typhoon blog post… I now have the energy to carry on and you inspired me again to do something GREAT here !

We took a day off the next day just to get out the house and go get our Hong Kong ID cards and the little break did wonders.

Now just for these non-hurricane related flooding problems in the house and the holes which keep glaring at me…





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  • Elli says:

    Dear Ilze your adventures in your new home will not be forgotten!! Big thumbs up to Jannie for saving the moment . Glad your outdoor stuff held up! I know what you went thru to buy it!

  • […] …nothing but blue skies, sea and blended blue hues of the mountain afar through my glass balcony, after the hurricane whooshed outside this same window this past week ( told you about it  here. ) […]

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