Shut up and ……


Let it go

Some days it is better NOT to say what’s on your mind…

I could just rant and rave and ramble on and on today about everything that went wrong this morning  – from the bacon at breakfast that was gone before everybody had some ……up to the moment that I dropped off my daughter at school still explaining that a cheque IS “real life money” and it WILL buy a cow in China even though (she believes) the school said to bring CASH in for the Reading project.

Picking a fight with a husband who just got back home and will soon take off again, is also not a good idea. So, I just left it. Peace is a priority on the odd days that he is here.  Even though I did have the undeniable desire to go pull out a poster and walk around the house in protest with the grievances growing inside of me, in big, fat ink ……maybe THAT would have gotten everybody’s attention. Instead you rage inside and repeat a thousand times in your head what you would have said….. not only today or the day before …..but also the day before that….. and the many times before when somebody said something that you really felt deserved a bit of their own medicine back to make it not taste so bad.

So, it is perhaps on this frustrated note that I walked into this meeting this morning ….

I knew that my very valid point would not go down as constructive criticism. But still very tempted to just stand up and tell them all off and say exactly what I think of all the opinions in the room and the conflicts in the organisation it was all about, I had to remind myself of something I saw yesterday – on good old social media.

“Sometimes you have to think what is the prize you will win, when you win this argument.”  And quite frankly there was no prize to be won today. Speaking out would have just made things worse….not only today, but also the other day …. and the other day…and the many days before that day.

So, I had to breath in, breath out….

Go to the gym and let it sweat out of my system.

Sometimes you have to just let it go…. or there will just be no real winners in the end.

Do you have days like that?




6 responses to Shut up and ……

  • Bertus says:

    Baie trots op jou

  • Brenda says:

    In the real world – we all do (unfortunately) – but as you said …“Sometimes you have to think what is the prize you will win, when you win this argument.”

  • Sabine says:

    I try to sing Mary Poppins song… a spoon full of suger… makes the medicine goes down…
    I should sing it more often…
    Yes, I have days like that…
    And I should learn that it’s indeed better to let it let it sweat out of the system…
    A good friend said to me: When one brakes, two don’t crash…
    It’s so true my friend. I have to learn to brake…
    You did great. Thanks for your writing. It will be present in my mind next time it’s better to brake…

    • Ilze says:

      Oh – that’s a great one to remember, Sabine. One brakes, two don’t crash !!! So true – especially where it involves delicate relationships that can so easily be ruined !! Good advice. Thanks.

  • Sam Soranson says:

    In my day to day life – This too will pass is what I always think as I want to shout out… What a stupid idea!

    With my kids I think is this worth it…how big is this wave that I want to ride to the shore…is there a bigger more important wave coming that I need to be there to ride???

    With my husband…I remind myself that he will be gone tomorrow for the rest of the week…and frankly I couldnt be bothered training another man!

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