What is your scent?


I got these lillies from my kids for Mother’s Day on Sunday.


They are my favorite and they are beautiful when they open up.

But I got them on Sunday and then sort of “forgot” about them as the week went on…

Untill this morning, when I walked into the room and smelled their scent that transcended the room above and beyond any other smell in the house.

It was as if they said to me “If you don’t see my beauty today, I will make you smell the lovely scent…..but you dare not ignore me !”

That reminded me of us in this world.

We spend so much time on our own beauty and focusing on getting ourselves pretty and in shape day in and day out.

But it is not untill we start giving off a beautiful scent (or stench) that the world stop and take notice of what has been there but forgotten for a while.

It is much easier to look pretty on the outside than to give off your special scent in this world….me thinks?! Agree?

I am not saying that it is not important to look good…. it is just that it soon becomes ignored and forgotten if we don’t have anything else to offer??

It made me think…what am I offering at the moment to the world that goes beyond what they see…. how can I make myself “noticeable, pleasant, make a difference to every room I walk in, let others see that there is more than just meets the eye….what is THE thing that make me open up and let the world take notice?

That is my challenge for today and it gave me a lot of thinking to work on…….so I am wondering….

What is your “scent” to the world? Do you  know?  What do you do everyday to make people notice, to give yourself purpose and to spread a lovely aroma around you? What is it that you do that makes other people enjoy your “being there”…. that makes them want you to stick around….and be in their lives…fill their rooms and speak to their senses?

Would love to hear !



Would love to hear from you.....

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