The Joy of Books


I was filled with joy and emotion last night when I listened to my youngest, at bedtime, reading an entire book to me for the first time.

At school I have heard her during Reading time doing little bits of it, but somehow last night it struck me that she is there now…. at that place where she is unstoppable. She could sound out every letter/ word in her little beginners’ book and where she got to places where she was stuck, her first response was not anymore to stop and look for help from a grown-up. No, she was at the place where you could almost experience how her brain is now pushing itself to the limits to make sense of what she saw with her eyes and then what later followed with her lips to the point where it suddenly then all made sense! It was just so incredible to watch and realize that a new world has opened up for her.

How priviledged to be schooled and how blessed to have the capacity to learn and grow.

Even in my older daughter I saw the joy last week, coming home to tell me that she has moved up another reading level. And I know it is from her more regularly picking up a book at home and reading, reading, reading regularly!

So when I saw this video on youtube after my friend posted it on her facebook wall this morning, I had new appreciation for the Joy of Books.

Oh, the romance of an old bookstore. Filling you up with nostalgia as you watch it and almost expecting a movie scene to follow next, you can almost experience the warmth it provides to any stranger who would choose to walk into a bookstore from the streets on a cold, dark night.

I hope you enjoyed it too !

I am wondering… do you still prefer reading a book on a hardcover or have you become a kindle-girl?
Or do you have your whole library loaded on your i-pad?
Do you even still go into bookstores…..and what do you believe the future of those are?

After seeing this video – let’s keep it alive !!!!

With my oldest child, I sat EVERY single night to read to him, from day 1 onwards…. lots and lots of books…to the point where he has such a love for reading and books that he is years ahead with his Reading skills and the knowledge he gained from that is astonishing. Maybe even more so then that I realize how little one had to struggle a bit more for her right to read, as a Mom of 3 did not have the capacity to read every single night to her as I did with the oldest. And still, she discovered it – with the help of others and now I just want to help her continue on this wonderful journey!

I read in article in THE TELEGRAPH today that Reading a book can add another year to a child’s education by age 15.And quoted from that article:
Today, it will be announced that the UK Government will launch a reading competition for seven to 12-year-olds in England from this autumn.
It is understood that the competition will be based around who can finish the most books, with youngsters encouraged to read fiction in particular. Local, regional and national prizes will also be awarded.

Reading a book 'adds a year to children's education' – Telegraph.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog today – THE WONDER OF BEING ABLE TO READ…we often forget about that gift we all received when we were just 4 or 5 or thereabout….

Happy reading everybody! A good book and a cup of something warm under a cozy blanket is still the best way to beat the bitter cold that is out there everywhere !!



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  • Yvonne says:

    Dear Ilze! So happy I read this post today. Mutual feelings here. I took a picture a lot of times since my oldest picked up his first book of him reading. and now I am preparing an album for him with these pictures for his birthday. I know he will love it as I did taking all these pictures. I did the same with Jakob cooking and Pauline crafting. These will be my homemade gifts for them this year for their birthdays!
    and about reading: Last year I started noting down the books I read and also took pictures of them because some are so pretty and I like to see where I read: another mini- album.
    see you tomorrow!

  • Grethe says:

    Cool post! And well done Lara. Can’t believe you are such a little grown up girl now. Hope you continue to read and discover the world this way. I prefer a real book as opposed to technologic versions and would love to have more time to read. Usually on holiday though….

  • elli says:

    you should be a VERY proud mom!!! all three of your children are so so well rounded!!!

  • love this post… your kids are very lucky to have such a dedicated mother like yourself.

    • Ilze says:

      Oh Elie ! I always wish I could do more…. I am not quite the best out there..but hey – kids seem to do fine with a lot less than we think they need !!

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