Postcard Holders in the House


Today I want to tell you about my Postcard Holder in my house.

Why? Because it has given me so much happiness in my new home since I moved in.

Here is how it started.

I have a super creative friend. Don’t you just love those people for having fresh ideas when your mind is numbed by other things?

In my last week in Korea we dreamed about decorating my new house and spoke about all the things so near and dear to me that I can not get rid of  – no matter how determinded I was to de-clutter at that stage. Remember this post about some of  those very dear items ?

So, my friend introduced me to the concept of having my own postcard holder.

It was the last day of our packing up in Korea and the movers were already in the thick of things….. but you know… I am unstoppable when I have a bee in the bonnet…and luckily I had a friend who understood (she started it after all?!) so she got the getaway vehicle ready  on the sidewalk on a sidestreet en route from our last lunch back to my house.

So, at a time when both of us had promised to be home much earlier, we hastily picked up the bespoke item as I decided “Let’s do it….it’s not too late!

It was too late to get it onto any kind of inventory list, so I just unceremoniously sneeked it into the final pile of things to pack.

My husband had no idea I even bought it…so, you can imagine his surprise when this wire rack appeared out of a box on this side ….so confused he asked…what the heck is that…and before I could even answer, he clicked and jokingly said…. “What?…did you buy the last postcard and then the guy decided to sell you the rack as well?? “. That was it. He loved it too.

It is important to put something in the shipment that is new and will excite you when the rest of the boxes can be quite overwhelming and mundane to unpack.

Finally the rack now proudly takes it stand centre stage in a sunny corner in my house here in Hong Kong.

Oh, the joys I’ve had…. since it entered the house.

Not only did it mean, I could take silly little breaks between unpacking to get out my old postcards that I collected in various places and on many journeys we’ve had….see, I always buy a postcard in fear I lose my camera !!  but then …I’ve never lost a camera… so, I have all these postcards I have never put into an album…. (Do any of you do that?? Buy postcards that you don’t mail but just keep for yourself?? ) ….but it also meant I had a place to put a few special greeting cards that should not be in dusty boxes….. and off course, the REAL postcards I received from many friends from all over throughout the years…

….like this one from one of my best friends, Judith, many many years before I could ever make it to Disney myself !

How true.

Oh, the memories it brought back putting them out on display….

I love having it out here.  Now, it is part of our home and I can dream every day about the places I’ve been – some only in my mind with my friends….. and the places I’ll go!

SO, if ever you are off somewhere far and think of me…and you have my address….. send me a postcard and I will add it to my collection and keep you close to my heart…and in my home.


Do you have something special in your home that gives you everyday joy?

Or did you grab something last minute when you had no time to really do it, but you are so happy you did?

Or what do you have tucked away in a dark corner that you can pull out on display to give you much more pleasure than it does currently?

Would love to hear !!


Would love to hear from you.....

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