My mind is a blur


I just returned from my look-see trip in Hong Kong.

I had lots of downtime in which I could catch up on e-mails, blog, do some photo editing, call some friends….but I was just simply exhausted.

I have lately just stared at my computer. My mind a big blur.

Too many things on my mind has caused me to not think straight, to be immobilised and totally unproductive.

I need a plan. I need a strategy. And I need to get into action.

It will happen. I know.

It’s just a little overwhelming right now… and I need time for things to fall into place.

I have wonderful blog posts waiting in my draft box. Please hang in there… I hope to scoop up the energy and zest soon enough to share some of those posts with you !

What have you been up to lately? Busy??

Or do you have your own set of “the impossibles” that you try to get down everyday, but don’t quite know where to start with it? Let me know. I’d love to hear what you are up to !



6 responses to My mind is a blur

  • elli says:

    hi ilze, what you’re feeling is very natural. I feel like I have so many ideas for a business and start running in many directions and become numb. Its an exciting time so do enjoy it! Your creativity might spark something new for you!

  • Yvonne says:

    I am around the corner if you need to vent or brainstorm or relax!!! I am open for everything and know what crazy times you are in now!

    • Ilze says:

      Thanks Yvonne ! That is nice to know. I do actually a huge job where I need a person with patience and a detailled eye to help me along ! I will mail you. x

  • Sam Soranson says:

    Sometimes moving leaves us with the feeling that we need to start something, anything, get a plan into action but I think that instead what we really need to be content with and get some zen about is waiting. BUT waiting really is the best plan – wait for the first dominoe to fail and then you will know how and where where to stage your first plan of attack. Enjoy your Zen moment before all the packing and sadness of goodbye and the excitement of the new.

    I feel this way – waiting – when I think about just getting us in the same frame of mind,household chaos pause, timezone to chat. Looking forward to hearing your news. I know that the dominoe is about to fall for you soon. Also come on while you are in your Zen moment you can crack out a few blogs. I have missed them. Oh and by the way did I win the bathroom set – or are you keeping it for your new house in HK? Sam

    • Ilze says:

      Totally taking your advice Sam ! I should just chill and it will happen !!

      Totally going to do a few blog posts !! Good idea.

      And no, you did not win – if you go back a few posts…you will see that it was announced earlier !!! I was worried people will think I am trying to buy your love again since you neglected me so much since you got a job ! ;-))

      Just kidding – we are totally gonna hook up in my new spot !!!

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