Sleeping Beauty wakes up… and turned into LuLu


Was it JETLAG??

I don’t know….but I felt like Sleeping Beauty last week and ended up with an excessive amount of sleeping… you can’t even call it “napping” ?!

I comforted myself by the conviction that you should listen to your body and if it says SLEEP…. then don’t stress about it… SLEEP !!

No point staying up anyway if you are unproductive, feeling fuzzy and just WANT to sleep all the time anyway , is there??

But with 3 kids and a household to take care of, you can’t sleep forever….and so Sleeping Beauty had no choice but to wake up….because my Prince… the husband…is travelling again – and that meant the goodbye kiss this morning was also the “Better wake-up-Dear”-kiss!! You have work to do and you’re on your own here now !

And then I remembered this photo I took this holiday of our cousin’s dog, sweet little LULU… and I saw myself…… drowsy and lazy while blissfully unaware of what piled up on top of me while I was happily asleep. Sleeping Beauty suddenly turned into Lulu because I do actually have things to take care  of….can’t keep on ignoring that ….and just happily live ever after ! Oh, the joys (not) of Reality…..

 IMG_9700 - Version 2


So here I am – back at the business of blogging…yes, I call it a business…. then I can explain the fact that I am not doing the other “work” that is somewhat overdue right now…and probably deserves priority over my blogging in order to lift this pile on top of me.

But opening up my blog this morning for the first time this year and noticing the drafts left in my folders, really convinced me to start this year by doing what I love, first… and the rest will follow !

Oh… I have a lot to say… but for today… all I want to say is HEY…. I’m back…. I woke up… I will soon catch up and this year we will take it a notch up….. untill we can give 2013 the thumbs up !!!

For now – may you all have a FANTASTIC 2013 ahead. I always heard that you can say HAPPY NEW YEAR untill January 12th….

Oh well – it is January 14th and I just made my own exception to that ….but the important thing is I wanted to not start this year without saying it and now I’ve said it – and you all deserved it, because who does not deserve to have the hope that the year ahead will be their best ever….. with lots of grace and good health ahead to make sure we all can just be the BEST ME we can BE !!! in the next 11.5 months !

I was not asleep all of the last 2 months since I last blogged….yes, I promise this condition was only the past week…..and maybe as a result of the past 2 months !

So, I will be back to tell you more about that and catch up on the lost time since my previous post !!

Take care till then,



3 responses to Sleeping Beauty wakes up… and turned into LuLu

  • Susan says:

    Ah, sleep, something that I finally appear to have sorted out too. You’ve started writing, whilst I am feeling like a Dassie, clinging on to rocks for dear life whilst I ‘find my feet’. Onward and upward!

  • Brigitte says:

    In France you can say Happy New Year until January 31st, I am defnitely taking advantage of that!

  • elli says:

    enjoy sleep… it makes us better moms for when the kids come home!!!

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