Speaking from the heart


I sit here today and think about relationships.

We are all so connected nowadays…

and yet we are so disconnected still from each other on the level where it really matters.

We live under the false pretense that we know everything that is going on in somebody’s live because there is Facebook and Twitter and e-mail and everything else that say out loud to society what is going on in our lives.

But then there is our hearts. There is still no place where our hearts can speak out…because it never comes across the right way, when we convey the real, honest truth from our hearts over a medium that was not meant for that.

We are hesitant to share what goes on in our heads and our hearts…. simply because those feelings are the real, raw, unedited feelings – the ones that are more difficult to lay out on the table and the ones that could easily be misunderstood.

And when we do pull them out in the open…the way it is received will certainly dictate what we do the next time we are confronted with bearing our souls.

So I come to the conclusion today that in speaking your mind….do it to an audience that you know is prepared and receptive to what you are about to say.

And when responding when somebody do open up, do so in a manner that would encourage the other to take that risk again in sharing with you.

If those two elements are not present, you risk compromising relationships where some things would have been better left unsaid.

However, if those two elements are there…. you can reach a new understanding, you can resolve conflicted emotions and you can take a relationship to a new, deeper level.

So next time you consider whether or not to speak from your heart….. I would say consider these two things first…

If you are the one who shares – your relationship with – , the receptiveness and maturity of your listener and if you are on the receiving end of the news – consider your responses.

It will make all the difference and perhaps we can then see the beauty in people’s hearts right in front of us and blur out the background behind it which is the harsh realities that constantly competes with it.

Flowers Blurrred traffic

You choose.





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