Monday.. What’s up Day


Today is Monday. It’s “Wash-day”….”stay-at-home-day”…..”everybody-doing-their-thing-after-the-weekend-day”….

Monday Washday.jpg

So many things to do around the house if you have been (or in this case…if 3 members of the household have been gone on their own separate ways for 10 days on overseas trips and all came back 3 days in a row)…. and the whole weekend had gone into re-connecting, catching up and nothing to do with cleaning-up !!

But the washing machine broke last Wednesday…and somehow that did not seem very important in the big scheme of things… untill today… when I realized you can’t quite make your way through the laundry piles….and somehow the choice of clothing is getting more and more restricted in the closets ! One of those “uurggghhh…..have-to-address” issues !!!

Which means my attention have been diverted a bit this morning when this ordinary Monday turned into a “oh dear gotta face this …and more importantly fix this ” -day…

Because lately this has been me….

Mom head over heels.jpg

And I am sure this is ALL my kids and those around me have observed of me lately…

Life happening in the background under a dark veil…while Mom is fully in head over heels on this end, a bit removed from reality….. and the worst part is – by my own doing !!!

See – I decided to write an exam….something I have not done in “I-don’t- know- how- many- years”. Crazy, but true. Who has time to study when there is so much going on around you… all I know is that last time I did an exam… I did not worry about laundry, did not have a household, kids or school routines to plan around…but this time I have.. Parent teacher conferences carry on despite your little “I was hoping to cram in a few chapters today” outcry.

Oh my..what a difference !!

What a Monday !!

The great thing – next Monday it will be ALL OVER….and it will just be another Monday…”wash-day”…..”being-around- the- house- day….”

So, I might as well make a big fuss while it is “Mom-is-out-of-whack-day” today !!

How’s your Monday going ?




Would love to hear from you.....

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