Counting Mondays


This Mama was recently where this Monkey is hanging. Anyone knows where that is?!

Monkey Mondays

If you don’t…then stay tuned to this blog, for I will share a few pictures of my latest journey on the blog soon.

But first and foremost I feel like this monkey – just hanging in there and hoping to make it through till we can kick off our boots for 2013 !

Because when that clock strikes at midnight on December 31st… it will not matter what you have or have not done for 2013…it will be gone and forgotten and everybody’s minds will be filled with what they wish to achieve in 2014. Only to start all the madness again for the 12 months to follow that ! Are you with me on that?

I lost my voice for the last 4 days…bad case of laryngitis … happy though that I still have a voice here on my blog when my actual voice is gone. I intend not waiting for 2014 to work on my vision…and that is to put a lot more out here of what I have piled up in my draft box…that I never get to share !! It is in the works and I have even been working on it today, all while I am still busy brushing up on my homework for the online course I am currently doing.

So, be prepared to hear a lot more from me. Hope you are ready. But I would love to start chatting with you all over here…so, please leave me a comment if you have something to share ! I love company.

If you prefer talking to me via Facebook or e-mail, that is also still okay… I just love hearing from you all ! And this year I certainly want to get to know my readers better.

I have not been counting the Mondays – but I have heard of so many of you out there who are …because the end of this year is now fast approaching…and although it is the festive season..there is also a lot that happens this time of the year before we all take that well deserved Christmas break.

I am working non-stop today on my computer software, my editing programs, organizing photos, back ups of systems, set up and prep-work for organizing my photos into photo books and to start exploring with graphic design and play around with new toys and tools….. and I am working on ways to bring some of the loveliness that I see through my camera lens to you… so I am hoping to share a lot more with you on that as soon as it all comes together !! It is just so time consuming and tedious but also fun and inspirational to work on !

What have you been up to on this Monday?? Also anxiously (or perhaps excitedly?) counting Mondays till the end of year/ your vacation??

Let me know. Would love to hear what you are all up to !




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  • Sam Soranson says:

    Getting ready to bake 10 pumpkin pies with my class!! Started and finished today!! – Tuesday – with only one cracked egg on the floor!!

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