Blog crawling


I have a million and one things to do…
So many that I don’t know what to do next – this is happening quite often lately?!

So, what did I do next? None of the things I am supposed to do…..

I clicked on the “next blog” tab at the top of the blog. How fascinating to see just a few of the ZILLION blogs out there!!!!!!

I wonder if there is a way of COUNTING how many blogs there are out there at the moment. Really awesome to see how much effort people put into the design and content of their blogs.

I am a really late-comer to this phenomena – wonder why…?? Will ponder on that and blog about it later when I come up with the reason why…

But for now – I sometimes wonder if the world really needs one more blog? Should I really write – why not just READ???
If everybody blogs…who then has the time to read them?

And what makes the one better than the other?
Or is there just so many people that care about others, that we will never run out of space for yet another newcomer?

Do people really wanna see pictures of my kids and my drawers in my house and my fridge and my dogs, if there are a million other people whose kids, drawers and dogs they could be looking at??

Or maybe it is just all about ourselves….

every person wants to be heard…

every person wants to have an identity…

every person wants to feel like he/ she matters to the rest of the world…..

every person wants to share what is important to him/ her in our own little world….

or even if no one is listening or reading or following…

it is the creative outlet of having a voice…having a podium from which you can shout out your opinion ..or even very quietly express it …

but still – you feel like you matter – relevant….. a sense of belonging to one more community….. you finally have a use for the million useless pictures in you digital gallery….and even only for this ONE reason…you have something to do whenever you have so many things to do that you do none of those.

So, there is really no reason ever to be bored again?!

If you dont blog, you can go blog crawling and visit the millions of blogs out there – and you will NEVER..i bet NEVER run out of blogs to read!!!!

I wonder if this will work with my kids next time they say they are bored…..

“oh, just go bloggin’ would you????!!!



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