Cheesecake Cheers!!


It was my sister’s idea to make a cheesecake for dessert last week. It looked SO divine on the photo she sent me that I had no other choice but to arrange an occassion so I could try it out too…so I made it for today’s playgroup luncheon at my house. Usually a cheesecake is either crappy and real easy…..or it is divine and difficult to make!!! Until my sis found THIS one…EASY and DIVINE !!
So, I tried it – little mistake when somebody put the oven on grill in stead of bake for the crust part (why did I make it inbetween the middle of making family dinner…oh yes….I know – because I always multi-task??!) …..but I sort of saved the day…scraped a little, buttered a little and things were back on track again!
Trying a new recipe is only allowed when the people you invite will be forgiving enough if it fails…you don’t want the added stress to the occassion by trying out new things with the wrong crowd?!
Long story short – we had a great time sipping coffee and sinfully having a slice of cheesecake each…..not noticing the chaos of the room around us ….the kids had by then left us for a room that was not yet such a huge mess as the one the moms got left behind in….
No, T…the recipe is not a family secret – it is actually public property on bbcfood…so I can not claim any credit and would love to share – that is how I got it in the first place…
For the recipe – click here.
As long as you promise – once you have made it – you will come back to my blog and tell me how the cheesecake came out…Then I would have had 2 visitors to my site..yeah !!



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  • Chris Bezuidenhout says:

    MMMMmmmmm…..looks delicious! And I like the strawberries on top. Mine was served with raspberries and blueberries – just another IDEA 😉 Mine was taken out of the oven an hour early to make to make space for the next dish to go in – did someone say we're blood related? Have to run – I'll be back!

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