Christmas in March


I LOVE the idea of receiving a printed christmas card in the mailbox. In the day and age of receiving everything over the internet, I absolutely admire people who take the time to go to design, print and mailing their cards to their “Christmas List”… and I am always so thrilled when somebody adds our family to their “list” !

It’s a great idea – and it inspires me greatly and yet, I have never been able to get myself into doing that to others. But, I am not going to beat myself up about that. I LOVE the idea – I hope it never goes out of fashion or use and I LOVE the fact that other people are doing it! So, bless them and hope they all keep me on their “list “!!

This morning I looked out the window and realized that those beautiful cards are still dangling in my window….and it is already MARCH ??? Maybe loving the idea does not justify that you keep them on display untill March?? (Oh – did I mention there is also a birth announcement hanging there and the baby is already 5 months old?!..)
But then again – it is still SNOWING??? …with SPRING BREAK coming up this week – surely it should not still be snowing??

So, if it’s not suppose to snow…and I can do nothing about that…I guess..I am being excused for having my cards still hanging when I am supposed to have packed them away already…?!

Maybe when it stops snowing, I will believe that Christmas is finally over – and take them down..
But for now – I will just keep on admiring the idea and enjoy the effort people had put into sending them… and THANKS to everyone who has put us on their list – I love you !

P.S – did I mention that I LOVE the idea…?


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