Enough already…


Phew…just one day of letting it all out on the blog…

It was not really my idea to bore the whole world with my long-winded sad stories..

But part of my idea of blogging was to get rid of all that stuff that clogged my system the past month…or year…or decade…or maybe life..???! Oh boy – that’s not good news….

In the past month my mind was so scattered that I often came sitting in front of my computer with so much on my mind…but not feeling the energy to go out there and tell the world…and that’s a first… !

So, sharing it in cyberspace was a good idea – even if just pretending someone cared and someone listened.

Untill  today – I got my first follower (whom I may have scared away already with that load!!) – but WOW !!!! Thanks Kimberly – you made my day ! Even if you just followed me for a day and listened to what I had to say. You were the first – so, special in my eyes ! Hope to hear more from you.

So – enough said for today.

Will be back soon….with something that will require audience participation over the next few months – or it will never materialize …more later !



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  • Kimberly says:

    Hey! You haven't scared me away at all! I am intrigued… We all go through hard times and it is definitely good to have someone who will listen to us! I totally understand! I am glad that i could help with your journey!!

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    Makes me happy that you got this far down on my blog ! See some older posts in the Archives or by clicking back.

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