M&M Monday


Today I have a crazy day ahead… I am simply blogging right now because I have a brain freeze of what to do next !!!!

….organising an overseas mailbox so we can order stuff we want but cant have here….and wanting something already delivered in one week from now????
….organising visas so we can go on holiday next week to a country we cant go without them…
….submitting papers for an overseas worker to come and live with us….
….paying for an overseas school trip for daughter M…..
….baking a cake for the playgroup coming tomorrow….
….buying groceries for the luncheon tomorrow at my house….
….updating the budgets and papers for the meeting that will start in 2 hours for which I am responsible to present updated data….
….collecting kids medical records from the hospital to submit to school to make sure they dont get suspended ??! (wow, that was a little harsh message I got from the school)….
….arranging a babysitter for little L when I go to the meeting…..
….booking flights, hotels, transport and guide for the holiday….
….Paying for the Photography workshop….
….finding outfits for the girls who are doing a talent show at school in TWO days time…???!!!! …
…finding things at the market which my friend we will visit next week requested….
….registering the kids for the summer camps for the summer break…
…sending thank you notes that are a week overdue already…
….and trying to chase up (in a foreign language) why they did not deliver the base of the umbrella with it – oh WHY did I not check when they delivered???!!!….

Those are but a few things on today’s MUST DO list !!!!!

So, my idea was to start early this morning and get on with it..THAT was my idea of how this Monday should start….

Then my sister called and on skype we tried to see if we could locate in cyberspace a lost mail that took my dad hours and hours to type and is the key to the most important unanswered question about their future – and now we might never know the answer if he doesn’t find the courage to type it all up again…??!

In the rush to serve breakfast…pulling open the cupboard the M&M container got hooked and fell from the top…..ALL over the floor..and the puppy jumped at the opportunity to start gulping it up….so, chaos to get him put away..and having unplanned little incidents added to my list on an already overbooked schedule was NOT my idea…but …seems like my reality again today !!

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings…other than the fact that I delegated the collection of medical report to my driver and now spent 15 minutes on the phone with the hospital which has no recollection of the fact that this report was suppose to be done…ugggh??!!


Would love to hear from you.....

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