Starting a blog…


Starting a blog was not my idea.

It was my husband’s.
He wanted me to start one because he thinks I am a good writer. Well, I am a good writer – if I have to go by other people’s opinion…he is not the only one who has told me so. Many people have told me this before after I started writing a series of newsletters from a foreign country. Only problem is that that was when I was writing in my native language, which is NOT English?! The only problem is that the majority of my friends nowadays don’t even speak my language and some of my kids neither…so, it is kind of discouraging to express yourself and knowing that very few would actually be able to read it one day – should anyone be interested??
But – how do you express yourself in writing when the burden of not knowing a word…not finding the right phrase..or sometimes not even knowing if such a word exist in English are just a few of the obstacles you face?? You loose the value of your work by not having the words or ways to express yourself.
So, my blog will be my own version of English. I am not going to worry about grammar or spelling because if I need to do that I will never get anything written down. It is just about my ability (or inability) to verbalize my thoughts in a way that I understand – and if it means only something to me in the end…great ! Mission accomplished !
I love writing things down and that would be my goal with blogging. Getting it out of my system and out there…wherever THERE might be..???
Back to my husband – and his idea of blogging…I have given it a little bit of thought… maybe I have dumped on him a overload of information and he thinks blogging might be a good idea to get it out of my system and share it in cyberspace before he gets home..and then he has to listen to way less than what he usually has to…?? Just joking…he would NEVER do that??? ..or would he….???!


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