Replacing the old with the new…


Today our wooden decks are being replaced…

Over the past 10 years the elements have taken its toll on it – bruised and beaten by the weather mainly….. but it has now finally reached the point where the severe conditions won the battle and the temporary fixes are not good enough anymore …. the old wood is simply being ripped off and replaced !

The planks look old, dull, weary, have splints, are out of place where it is coming loose…. it poses risks for falling and kids can not play barefeet on it anymore. 
It lost its lustre !!
And it will be replaced with new wood – planks off the shelve, which will be polished and start shining in the sun with its new look to face the next decade of getting bashed….
I wish it was that simple with all things in life…
Recently I looked into the mirror and got a shock with what happened to my face and eyes – mainly over the past 6 months!!!!
My eyes – one of my best features…lost its glamour…
I frantically tried to come up with reasons …and rescue plans…. in disbelief that this could have happened over a short period of time ..??!!  
Could this really be the effect of the stress I have experienced in the last 6 months ? 
I have never considered the effect of stress on my body and particularly my face….??!!!
I scrambled to find answers…and then my husband suggested – “have you considered normal ageing??!”
After showing him the DETAILLED close-up look from now vs then…he admitted ..something serious happened…!!!
No wonder he stood in silence when I raided the duty free shop for miracle cures for my eyes… and with the woman trying to explain what each lotion and potion does – I could not understand what she was explaining since she barely knew English…so, I took them ALL…JUST to be sure – WHATEVER they had in stock…and whatever I could put on my face before I even got on the next plane !!!!
Here is the “little” collection I grabbed in 10 minutes and are now applying frantically whenever I get the chance…?! (did I mention they ALL do the SAME thing??!!)
And still – they just sold me a “PROMISE”…no guarantees that I will ever restore or get back what I lost over the past decade or even the past few months…
from life and the realities that came along in this stress-full period….
But NOT ALL THINGS are as EASILY replaced as the wooden decks all around the house…
Not all things can be made new in a morning..
Not all things have the guarantee to be restored to brand new beauty…
Sometimes it is simply not possible to replace the old with new – 
We have to live with the old and make the best of it for the time to come…
learning from the past…
and taking better care for the future !!

Now there are always alternatives…. finding replacements for the OLD…like the prop I found lying in the kids closet this morning..
but somehow I think my husband is not going to be too pleased going out with my “replacement”….
..and deep inside I know my kids would also prefer the OLD rather than the NEW….
so…making peace with the old might be all that is left to do…..
It was not my idea to show the signs of stress and ageing at this stage of my life already..
……..but it is my reality !

Would love to hear from you.....

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