A sad thing happened….


This morning I woke up to a mail that my mom’s dog died….
What sad news to wake up to??!

I am far away from where this all is happening…and I dont know what my mom’s reaction is to all this. I have not yet spoken to anyone as they are asleep in that country now.

This little dog has been her “life” and comfort for a number of years…. and was given to her because we read in a book about Alzheimers that a pet is a perfect companion for a person in her position. And it was…..this little doggy stood by her in times where it became difficult for everybody else to do that…she stayed loyal to her even if she did not have the capacity anymore to take proper care of her. She knew that she was loved by her and vice versa and that was all that mattered to the two of them…..

The saddest part to all of this is also the most comforting part… My mom’s dementia is causing her to probably not get the fact that this happened… she will not realise the impact of the news and would probably never know about the accident that happened when she was run over by a car outside her place of care….

Like her illness this is affecting everyone around her, especially my dad, who are the ones having to cope and mourn this loss of another precious soul in our lives….

And for our kids who felt like she was our own – the only comforting part was that “maybe she will now be friends with our little puppy who died earlier…so they can play in doggy heaven…..


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