2 months later we left…..


Summer holiday started 2 months ago – in case you missed that – we have been at home for these 2 months !!!

YES. HOME SWEET HOME. That deserves a whole blog (or 5 )  – another day….!!!

But finally time came for us to take off to have our share of summer break – and this time around……

ALOHA……need I say more ?!

Day 3 into our holiday now, but here is an update on the flight thru day one from the moment we left home……

They say a holiday is all about the planning – well, I planned WELL this time round!!!!!

Got me a new bag at LOTTE DUTY FREE the month before.
Had ONE mission after I got my boarding pass..

This one is for you Sarina !
ooooooohhh…….Could not WAIT to get my hands on it….

Yes – it deserves 3 pictures… I was THAT happy!!
As we passed the KIPLING store – Monkey saw another monkey – on a bag….in her favourite colour….
……so, she had to have it 
I trained my daughter well…. !!!

Off we go…. posing for a last photo at the gate… 
just like the locals do it !!
(have we overstayed perhaps a little ???…..) 
On the plane – I took this picture from a magazine…
I have never even thought about the fact that there are people who has this job…
maybe I have also been in my room for too long…???
and i took a picture of this picture…. YUM
BAKLAVA – does this looks like heaven and holiday…
Only thing is we are not going to Greece…anyway…
Back to in-flight entertainment!
Look mom ! No hands… I mean both hands??!
BOTH hands – at the same time?? 
Lolllipop has a peculiar way of coloring…
THe great part about flying economy class this time round is that the BIG KIDS also take up coloring again – the movie-thing is just not quite up to scratch on this flight?!
Oh how clever these resorts are…planting a STARBUCKS in Hotel Reception !
But trust Einstein – he has a way of opening the room when your hands are full…
but jet-lag kicked in before we could even get to the beach.
Other had ONE mission in mind
– Finding a SCUBA DIVING instructor/ course..
FINALLY the holiday started !!!
Lollipop runs AWAY from the sea though…is it possible that in her short lifespan we have not really taken her to the beach…ever ??!!
but it’s still FUN !!
Dinner time and Waiting for the FOOD …
and I am just simply fascinated by the “silver” plastic cutlery – oh America the great !!!
but jetlag also starts to catch up with even the bravest among us !!!!
Oh man – I hate my mom and her camera ??!!! 
But – that flash did wake me up though….
And Finally – blissful sleep as the first day ends.



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  • Anonymous says:

    Lyk great!! Lekker gelag vir E se plan – so tipies 🙂 L is nou regtig 'n big girl. EN se vir M sy lyk baie stylish met haar bag. Jy ook! Geniet dit en stuur gou nog photies…

    C,G & M xxx

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