Blogging stopped…but life not !!


Blogging stopped for a while as internet is not always that readily available and as fast as we are used to.

And as my son pointed out…you have to live your life first, Mommy, before you can blog about it…!
That is very true.

If one only blogs and dont find the time to go out there and have fun….well, in the end there will be nothing to blog about !

So, here are some of the things we did after the last posting…

splashing around at the pool..
just hanging’ out at the beach…
…but NEVER without a camera…
Yes – EVERYONE had one …
So, everything got caught on camera..
the goofin’ around above the surface….
the goofin’ around below the surface…..
But despite having a camera EVERY step of the way…
We could NEVER be as prepared as THIS guy….???!!!
bringing his own tri-pod to dinner in a restaurant to take a shot of him and his date for the evening…
and spending FOREVER to try and set it up..??!!! 
To take just that ONE picture of the two of them…with their self-timer….
Really ????!!!!- he could have just asked us – we take a MILLION photos every day
– one more would not have hurt us..?
Got a little bored at times..
but that happened to everyone around here…
Thank GOODNESS we never got as bored as this guy !!
and when we did…some of us found other ways to keep everyone busy..
Like at dinner time – 
who thought this was for eating??
it’s for entertaining your family !!
with the “straw-claw” put to use…
or convincing everyone a paper could be folded 8 ways…
oops, sorry – could not prove it…
it can ONLY be folded 7 times EVER !!!!!
(I did not know that – only learnt that at dinner that night?!)
But mostly we were just hanging out together…. 
just our family….
well..our EXTENDED family
they kind of went EVERYWHERE…
and when they were not tucked away in Mommy’s chest for their “nap”
then they were up on the dinner table – RIGHT there next to the TABASCO…
That’s right – Tabasco and Aurora goes hand in hand…. 
The great thing about the beach is…
whenever you got too bored….
You could ALWAYS waddle right back into it !!
And on the lagoon’s side….
enough pictures in one day …
is ENOUGH !!!
I said STOP IT !!!
This is my ANGRY face….
Okay… maybe she has a point..
Will be back.

Would love to hear from you.....

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