Going down deeper….


You can only go down in the pool so many times and then….
Well, then you need to go down deeper.
I am not quite a Scuba person…..
So we hopped onto a Submarine.
It wasn’t quite on the agenda for the day, just sort of happened.
The Atlantis – Cool !!
Well, we didnt quite just hop onto it… 
a boat took us there !

Quite a neat idea to go see what’s WAY down there….
That is IF you trust the driver of the SUB.
(especially since she was a woman!)
No – I think she will be JUST fine !!

The big expectation on the boat of what we were about to see…
…and what we need to look for…

soon became reality !
Waaaayyyyy down…..

were awesome stuff to see like this plane wreck.
Some of us kept looking for NEMO…
but I think we can blame it on those sunglasses she was wearing 100 feet down the ocean that may have caused her to never find him..?! 
Even the camera looses so much light that certain colours dont come out anymore….
Certainly dont need shades !!!
We went to 5 reefs before our pilot sent the huge air bubble up to mark the place where the submarine will merge again
Would be kind of fun for us if we just pop up…
but might not be SO FUN for these guys if the Sub just suddenly pops from out of nowhere!
And after a pretty cool afternoon in the Atlantis, we had to leave it behind again and go back to shore by boat
Quite a memorable day !

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