Surfing and Shopping goes together, right…..?!


or so the dragons told me….?!
They also said : “Good Morning… another beautiful day !!!”
In fact – a great day to go for SURFING LESSONS !!
So, that’s what we did…. I mean…half of the crowd did….
Here they just returned from their session…
with my Monkey turned into a real ROXY chick !
I know my son and that big smile says just one thing – 
and the instructors were cool too !!!
but THIS is hard work …
“You know how much this weighs, Mommy??”
but YES – Handsome also enjoyed it !
For me….
I prefer spending time with my family in the calm waters…
without the big waves….
In fact…
I can do this the W-H-O-L-E  day long.
In the lagoon…
or the KABOOM like some of us call it…

Yes – that would be ME !!!!
But who cares what you call it…
Lagoon – Kaboom
It’s a great place for the family to hang out…
But the beautiful waters of the sea kept calling us back…
at least Lollipop now runs TO the water and not FROM it….
So, we spent the rest of the morning – 
everybody just doing their own thing…
I watched a little Oprah in the car just before we left, 
was about this book,
saw it in the bookshop here – mmm???
….maybe there’s the answer??
Oh well – reading it anyway !
ohhhh…but SOME people are not used to THIS much laziness…..

“We can fix that Daddy…
you can be a CUP holder…”

THAT could be hard work…
as a BIG can for a LITTLE girl can take a looong time to finish..!!
and around here it does look like only SOME people get to do all the work while others just enjoy the ride….

but she did not see this coming…
You DO have to wash your own shoes an awful lot around here…?!
Talking about shoes – 

Never thought I would buy CROCS..
but I DID
and wow !!!!!….they sure are comfy !!
With the SURFING done for the day, the only thing left was to go SHOPPING …
that’s what the dragon told me to do, this morning, right? 
Surfing and Shopping goes together…

so, off we went…


See the BIG SMILE on MY face??

Maybe one day she will understand the fuzz about Victoria’s Secret …
that’s all I could make of this face I got when I pulled out my camera in thes hope while she was waiting on me..
But then there is also the GREAT world ahead of someone who has had her FIRST personal shopping experience today…

First your dad has to give you money and explain how it 
(tip: if your dad is not doing this anymore, try to find a husband who will…
give you the money that is…..
by that time you would need no more explanation how it works!)

Little nerve wrecking..but the relief when the man finally puts the “princesses”  into the packet !! 
Lollipop’s first transaction completely on her own…
oh, don’t worry – she’ll get the hang of it !

But everybody got THEIR turn

The “BACK TO SCHOOL”  list is not exactly the way it was in my days…
OH….the evil….
Why, oh why, did Eva ever take a bite out of that apple..??!

but NO TECHNOLOGY can beat the TREAT of going into BARNES & NOBLES – 
ESPECIALLY if the whole store has books in YOUR language !!
Lost them for a while, but was very happy to find them 
– even if it was on the floor…

ONLY thing we forgot about the US, is how many choices there are in ONE FOOD COURT…..
but we ended the day with dinner and a show at the pool 

and there is ALWAYS the poor sucker who volunteered to be the audience participant.
But for us… well, we all got everything we wanted or could ask for for the day..

…..except for the pink champagne I ordered and then got this !

But the day ended in fireworks 
So no one really cared.


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  • Anonymous says:

    NIce…sien my comment het gewerk. Nou net nie seker hoe om nie anonymous te wees nie 🙂 Cool crocs! Lyk na baie fun. Nie meer lank voor julle aanskuif nie – die resort lyk na lekker fun!

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