The beauty and the beach…


By now – we all know the drill….”how to put our own sunblock..”
…..well, kind of …?!
You dont need to go to the beach to be needing it –
no, the beautiful sun is great but also vicious…
even at the FARMER’s MARKET !!


We went to check out what the locals produced


loved browsing around


especially if the locals are this colourful !!


and how beautiful are these veggies?!!

yum !
not to mention the flowers..
is it possible that things are just more beautiful on an island ???
All that browsing worked up a thirst…. so it was off to
THIS place – which is apparently the best place for
decisions, decisions………

the land of CHOICES !!!



HOW fun to get all these duckies in your bathtub??!!

“Can I have them mom??”

(there is one in the mail for a lucky friend and one for a relative….mmmm…..wonder who that may be??!)

We just strolled around in the town of HALEIWA…

and met the COLORFUL CROC family !

Maybe this will be us one day …

I thought they would be seriously having second thoughts after showing them “BLUE CRUSH”…

but, it only inspired them……

so, I might go watch the PIPELINE masters one day?!

Don’t think Dad still has aspirations to be the guy on the billboard – but…
ye never know, ye know…??!!

Oh, loved the local vibe around here


…..kind of felt sorry for these guys after I met so many of them still alive at this morning’s market??

I hope this guy isn’t one of them??
Just met him this morning…??!
oohhh…naughty….don’t let the people at the market see this one – this is anything BUT homegrown or organic…
but if you don’t get it in you own country…well, then if you’re a kid… you gotta buy …..a whole LOT …
Does Vanilla Coke make your feet grow..? ‘cos I want this one !!
maybe it is just because this guy is selling them…
and we’ve never bought anything from a guy that looks like this !!
But it’s not only the shoes that are oversized…
MAN!!!!! Is this a burger or WHAT????
This is the only turtle we saw in town….
so we decided to go hit the beach again and go look for some more…
Had to go take one big dive before time run out
the water here is amazing !!
How fun not to be in the office today !!
You get a whole new perspective down here…
But it is cool up here too !
Actually, anything is cool when you can do it with your dad !
Yep – think he agrees…
way more fun when dad joins in !
and hanging out with dad is super cool – especially HERE !!
One last paddle out…
and time to take our stuff…
and go…
The sun has set on our vacation…
It is 1.30 am
and Honolulu is not exactly the most glamorous airport to hang out this time of the morning…
Not often that we have to catch a plane to get to school…
but this time we made it….
18 hours later since we left our holiday home…our car parked at the school at the exact minute we usually arrive from home!!
On time for school – on the MINUTE
(except that we were a day late?!)
Oh well – anyone noticed??? Neaaaah….
We had a great time !!!!!!


2 responses to The beauty and the beach…

  • Bezzies says:

    For some reason I couldn't work out how to leave a comment…..but managed to find it again. Thanks for the update – cool photies. Think the one with the turtle wins the price, although the croc family is not far behind 🙂 The veggies looks amazing, oh, we can only hope that one of the duckies is on its way to London…..fingers crossed!

  • yummy mummy says:

    Other people struggled too to leave a comment. I dont know why and have never tried…
    Please let me know details so I can try to give advice to others too !!!

    PS – keep an eye on the mail then…. ?! X

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