Countertop solutions – clutter them


Yes – you read correctly. I said CLUTTER THEM !

Read on and you will see why…..

Today I want to kick off with a series of posts I will do on a same subject – not in sequence, but just randomly posted as and when another idea  pops up in my head about the same subject – so keep following if  it is up your alley…

I will cover various subject matters, but I will  post them in little digestible posts so that you can keep up with the thoughts I have on these.

The first category is COUNTERTOPS.

When de-cluttering your home, people immediately think there must be NOTHING on a certain countertop to ensure that it remains clutter-free, neat and tidy!

That might be true for certain countertops, and I will post about that another day.

But sometimes the best thing you can do to keep an area from becoming a space where everyone puts down all their belongings as they enter the house and before you know it, it has become the permanent habitat for items who just DON’T have its’ own space, or people become just too lazy to move it to its’ designated spot in the house , is to CLUTTER it yourself with beautiful or interesting things!

What do I mean by this?

I have this beautiful altar table. It is situated at the top of one staircase and the bottom of another…. and it is standing right where you enter into the kitchen.

An ideal place for those who just came up from the front door, to put down whatever they had in their hands.

An ideal place to put things for those who are too lazy to go upstairs and put it in their rooms immediately.

An ideal place  to put down an empty cup or a magazine someone was busy reading and want to “park” it there while going into the kitchen. Just to forget about it and never returning to it..meaning it became “part of the furniture !”.

The scenarios are endless. The reality is, it can easily become a sore eye – right in everyone’s view that enters the house, whilst I want it to remain a beautiful piece of furniture that attracts the eye and attention of people to enjoy it as much as I do.

The solution- I have put so many items on there myself, that in 99% of the cases, nobody ever takes the time or effort to move an object from its permanent place, to make space to put down an item of temporary stay. Occasionally my husband’s blackberry find its’ way on there, but it is hardly noticeable between the lovely collection of hats and brushes that I have decided to display on there.

This works wonders !!!!

When at first, it was only the black vase on there, it was a constant “clean-me-up” space crying to be rescued from all the unsightly items on there.

Now – it stays this way – ALL THE TIME !

People walk in and ask me – how does everything stay so cleaned up in the house?

The difference is not in having a clean countertop or surface or table top all the time…but in the detail of what it is that is occupying that space making all the difference of it looking like a delightful display of things you collect or love or wish to share with others….versus the pitiful pile that sneaked in on there when you were not looking !

Let me know your thoughts on this..have you had this happening in your house? I would love to hear about your countertop dilemmas and how, or if, you have found solutions for them !

What things in your house can you get out of the cupboards and put on top of an open space to stop attracting items unworthy of being on display?

Would love to hear from you.

Look out for some more posts on countertops to come…. since you do need those that needs to stay clean !!!!

Take care




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  • Samantha Soranson says:

    This is my favourite counter in yr house. I think maybe you should do something on changing the counter for the season – like Halloween. I have a good photo for you and maybe even Harvest, Xmas and Spring. Your blog inspires tme to clean up my messy house. Keep doing it you make a difference!!

    • Brigitte says:

      I completely agree, i had the same problem with a table until i displayed my collection of South American wooden stirrups and spurs. There is no space to put anything else! Right now it’s been put up for Halloween decorations but i will try to remember to send you a photo when it’s back in place!

  • Ilze says:

    I put my hats away and use the space for party drinks or food trays or other deco when we entertain but I have to admit – I have never thought of changing the theme on there to keep the interest going !! And sounds like Brigitte already has that going. So, great idea ! I will put in action !! Thanks for the encouragement Sam and I am looking forward to see your photo Brigitte.

  • mienie says:

    Once again, brilliant idea. Have done that as well, but my only mistake was to leave one of the CB bowls empty!Now my beloved puts his keys in it. What frustrates me the most is that the console table have a drawers and I have dedicated one especially for car keys!!

    • Ilze says:

      @mienie – I hear your cry..oh dearie me.. opening a drawer is just not as simple as plunking them down in your designer bowl ! All we need to find now is a super solution for the key that would be more attractive than CB bowl. ( i will share a post later what I do with my key at the door following your comment)…. But the easier thing to do here might be to learn to live with the beloved’s habit ;-)) Bless them !

  • Ann says:

    It was the buffet in my dining room that was the catch-all, and also an eye-sore, for me. Instead of rearranging, I got rid of it. Now, of course, I am looking for places to put what was inside of it. It’s nice to see someone can keep their countertop neat!

  • Diane Wallingford says:

    Thanks Ilze. Want to read more….Organization is where I struggle big time. I am in a half panic today because of all my scraps of notes sitting in front of me of what I have to do. I briefly looked at your blog and enjoyed it. Would that I would have a day when I could have a pretty table in my front entry instead of my dryer and junk table in my apartment in Moscow. USA house not so bad…need time to think of solutions. Thanks for your ideas and sharing your gift. With love.

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