Why do we blog?


I listened to a podcast today about CONTENT and CREATIVITY on blogs.

And it led to the reasons why we blog.

There are grand ideas and big aspirations every blogger has…but that often leads to disappointment when you don’t go from zero to hero overnight.

Big revenue is not my goal since I am not even with a blog-host where I am allowed to earn income from it right now.

So, I am just writing from the heart as a creative outlet for myself.

I love sharing while I am doing things and therefore my content is my passion.

I hope that my blog will evolve organically and make connections with people out there who has the same interests as me or who simply enjoys hearing from me. The challenge right now is to get the blog out there to those people who would enjoy it …as it is difficult to get the word out to those who might find meaning in it when the search engines don’t pick up your blog yet. It is just living out there somewhere in the blogosphere. And I hope the word spreads via my readers.

Not everybody will like everything. But hopefully it will give a few people out there the opportunity to connect with me and stay in touch with me and my soul and that is what makes blogging an attractive option for me right now.

Thank you to all of you dear readers who have already come back to stay updated. It truly inspires me to hear from you and even if there is in the end just 10 people in this world that gets some meaning from it then it still matters to me and those 10 people.

In the first year of blogging everybody tries to find their voice and hopefully it will get all the more interesting as I find my own voice and I figure out how to do more things technically speaking !

My big dream would be to get to a place where I can have the web-design that depicts me more specifically.  And to post regularly  and keep them short and sweet so you can really keep up with it.But those are things I am working on……

For now I am just happy to go wherever the blog and my readers lead me!

Thanks everyone who is reading my blog!


Would love to hear from you.....

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