Ring Ring…..and Radiation


Today I’m on about phones !

Yes – one of those VERY functional must-have items in the house but very often not fun to look at or use..

Does BORING come to mind when you think of your own phone?

And since this blog is so much about combining function with beauty, I have something to share with you …well we’ll see later if we can really call it “beauty”…but my point is:

I have found that using the phone as a little decor item is a minor detail that goes a long way to enhance the ambience in your house to show that you are paying attention to the little things!

To underscore my point I will show you a few of the phones that recently, and not so recently, made their way into our home!

The phone in the lounge is the more sophisticated, expensive and stylish phone. I love talking on this phone. It is like putting on a designer jean..it just fits better, gives you pleasure and you don’t know why. We got it 12 years ago, it has never outdated and it enhances the look of the room… it is a little expensive to tuck away in a back corner, bedroom or office unless you have the luxury of spending that much on a phone that nobody will see or enjoy. So, I showcase mine.

It is a Bang & Olufsen and it is yellow – for the simple reason – it makes a statement and it does not actually need to blend in with any given decor, but it also does not stand out a sore eye if you decide to change the colours of the room. It simply then becomes an object on its own.

I think the phone is just more pleasing to the eye than what a regular phone would be. It helps me create a more polished look on the coffee table, rather than having just the plain phone.



Spot the difference? I certainly do. Do you agree with me on the difference of functional phone vs decorative piece?

I admit that a B&O is an expensive item and you do it when the opportunity comes… but there are many inexpensive ways to achieve decorative results with your phone.

This phone hangs on the kitchen wall.

It takes all the leftover coins that lies around in the house – just a gimmick , you don’t really need to pay to make a call like some people thought! – but it is fun to use …The kids actually take interest in answering and on top of that it adds character to the kitchen. The kitchen is in black and white and I used the phone as one of the few red items I place in the kitchen to brighten up the black and white.

Then there is the really, really horrible phone that the kids picked ?! Yes – I agreed to buy it, since it stands on their homework desk and they think it is really cool and jump to get to it first…the eyes light up when it rings. It was really cheap but it works and since it fits in with the black and white colour scheme of the room, I got my arm twisted and gave in. Why not ? I did after all start this “let’s have fun with phones” journey.

No, it is not still part of the Halloween decorations.

Yes, I agree –  it is horrible. But it was cheap and it actually works.

Warning – too many of these “wacky” phones can indeed be a decorative disaster in your house, so do be careful where you place them ?!

But here is the REAL phone kicker that I want to get to today…

Earlier this week my husband came home with the latest of our gimmicky phone collection and hence sparked the idea for this post!

An iclooly phonestand!

It is a phonestand for a mobile phone (cellular phone as known elsewhere).  Does it really “add” to the decor…well, it fits in (if it does not meet that basic requirement, it will NEVER make it into my house !!) …but not necessarily enhance the room decor…and it might even be a little of a hassle….

So why then have it?  There are many reasons to use it..according to the box….

but here is the great benefit !!! In case you missed it in the last line…

It cuts down radiation by 96 % …

Now come on – we all pretend as if we don’t quite believe that story about the radiation.

Why? It might just mean we have to cut down on using our cellphones..and oh my…what a life changing moment that would be??!!! But secretly we all, or well definitely me, do think about that when I read a report on what possible effects constant use of our cellphones might cause. Like this one – Warning

There are many times that I use my i-phone in the house, even though there is a normal phone around….just easier, just habit….

So, I fell for it ! It now stands on my desk and has proofed to be quite convenient during the past few days that I have used it ! I can speak on the phone while looking up contacts or send text messages, it is charging while being on there …. great !

Proudly presenting my i-phone on its’ iclooly stand…

So, if you’re interested in this phone, check their site – iclooly

That’s my story on phones.

I ask you again – have you converted to downright functional when it comes to phones??

So, a little challenge from me… when you need to have fun next time – don’t go buy new shoes or a bag…go buy a phone. One that you can keep for years and years..or even just for a small while to make you smile.

It will give you pleasure – it will not break like a vase, it could be a talking point, it could make your room pretty (or horrifying…like our skull phone)…all I beg of you…


– it fits in with your colour scheme or it makes a statement on its own

– it fits in with the general ambience and use of the room ( do not put the “payphone” with your designer couch or the skull phone in the kitchen!)

– it does not become tacky and start to clash with the furniture to create a sore eye…

– it is something that you can keep for years and years if it is expensive like a Bang & Olufsen or that it is really cheap if you want to throw it in the bin when the kick is over like the skull


But – the question of the day – what do you think of the radiation theory?? Is it true? Does it scare you? Does it make you use your phone less? Are you happy to see there are possible ways in which you can cut down the risks??…or perhaps an easier question…are you going to consider buying a phone next time that enhances your decor in the house? Come on –  join the conversation.

Till I ring again..




5 responses to Ring Ring…..and Radiation

  • samantha Soranson says:

    I choose the skull phone.The kids know style when they see it!! Also good for making those threatening phone calls or just prank calling late at night!

  • u have such a cool collection of phones! Anyway the main reason why I wanted to leave a comment was I just your question to Holly on BYW class comments and I completely completely identify with it. Wanted to let you know that you’re not alone (cos I was so relieved when I read your question to know I’m not alone!) Whether Holly answers that question or not, I hope you’ll persevere and sometimes it’s more important to do the journey for ourselves than to be overly concerned about figures and others’ reception of us! At least that’s how I justify it to myself haha.

    • Ilze says:

      Eunice – thanks so much for letting me know…great to hear others have the same thoughts.. I doubt she will get to it – looking at that list of questions piled up already !! But we could always discuss further via mail. Glad you came here..it took me to your blog – which is just beautiful ! I will definitely go back there and spend some proper time. RIght now I feel like I am never going to reach the end of that class list as I am working my way through bookmarking every single site so I can go check it out later!!!!
      But to get a link to someone is extra special, so I start to single out some blogs and can make a connection when I get there !!

      • Diane Wallingford says:

        Ok Ilse, coming from a woman who likes to decorate but has a function first husband, you made me want to show him this blog. I think it’s great. Our phones make no statement at all in Moscow but I must admit that I have thought about getting an imitation antique phone for our over 100 year old cabin with a brand new kitchen in New York. I would love to put that antique phone that I’ve seen in the kitchen…….Let’s see if I can convince my husband! Thanks for adding some fun and beauty to life Ilse!

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