New Year's Resolutions


It is January, 6th and I am only now  posting the draft I wrote for my blog on the 1st day of this new year! I hope this is not indicative of my year ahead…but on the other hand – the important thing is that all things do eventually get done, even if it is a little later than originally planned !

I had no internet for a month…that explains  a lot on the silence this side… but I have limited internet for now and maybe just enough to get this draft posted !

So, this is what I was wondering on that first day…..

Are New Year’s Resolutions  becoming something of the past? Is it even possible that such a tradition can become obsolete…??? Or are people just getting more “scared” to put it out there…. getting more pessimistic as life goes on about what is possible or likely to happen vs what their past results have shown…

Why else then – when I asked people about their resolution, 8 out of 10 answered by saying “I don’t make a resolution anymore since I never stick to it?”. How boring. Somehow it took a bit of the fun out of “making conversation” just after the clock struck that magic midnight hour at the turn of another year…

My response “oh now?!…have one??!! ..after which they naturally asked – so what is yours??!

Mmmmm….. good question….

I have thought about my own and refused to fall within the category of the top 4 resolutions as we all know them – AGAIN…?!

* to lose weight

* give up smoking (by the way – not mine – but on the top 4 list worldwide!)

*give up drinking

* exercise more

Basically a healthier lifestyle?!

Yes – I admit – I do fall in this category above…but I want it to be a little less what I aim  for everyday I open my eyes…

So, I thought about it for a while and two video clips that I saw earlier this year inevitably came up with that thought process….

One of them is about this guy on TED talks whose theory is that once you have told people what you are intending to do, you are more than likely not going to do it. This is one of the reasons I probably too have to agree that New Year’s resolutions are fun but highly ineffective.

Since I have watched this, I have become a believer of this too…. it has certainly happened to me… I wanted to share this insight with you….but with my limited internet can’t search for it right now..and will have to share it later… (hope it does not fall into that category of “said I will, so now I won’t..?!)

So, moving on –

Second part of the problem is that we always want to make that perfect new start at a substantially significant point like the beginning  of a new year – instead of just STARTING..just DOING it… exactly what clip nr 2 so perfectly inspired me to do.

Do yourself a favour and watch Ben as he did exactly this ! This 5 minute clip might just change your life for the better in 2011 !!!

May 2011 be the year where you DON’T tell people your resolutions, but simply start and DO them!!

And keep me posted if you have any success following this approach.

I do have big plans for the year with my blog, and a  “business with a cause” I plan to undertake…but before I tell too much and have my theory becomes reality…


Take care



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