The difference is in… FRIENDS


Dear Friends

I have to admit. I got stuck a little. I have so many ideas for my blog, but as I reported earlier I needed to take the plunge…and so I did !!

I am moving my blog..but more details to come.

It has kept me from focusing my attention on all the wonderful posts I have in my head but I am hoping that problem will be of the past soon.

For now, I just want to tell all my friends how much I appreciate you and the wonderful support I am getting for my blog. It inspires me greatly. So, here is to your all…!!!!

Just in this past week, Friends made my day in so many various ways…

– sending me a mail to say that you read my blog even though you hardly know what it is and never comment !

– hearing from new friends who got introduced to my blog by old friends

– getting texts from a friend out of the blue from a weird number I don’t even know…. but hearing that she is thinking of me and wishing I was there..wishing me a happy Year of the Rabbit !

– hearing that another friend who moved just after I moved here, is moving BACK ….I am SOO excited !

– we just went on a breakaway weekend and hooked up with a couple of friends at the resort we went to. It was so much more fun to spend an evening having fun with a group of friends than spending the time on our own!

So – celebrating friendships in many ways today as I feel blessed to have so many friends in my life who is making this world a better place to be in !

And with that – I share with you my mini-cake stand that I bought this December. I just love it

I bought it in the small town of Parys, South Africa at the shop Thatzit! Unfortunately they do not have a website up to which I could link you up…but if you are in South Africa – do yourself a favour and visit them. You can find them at 100 Bree Street, Parys and tel nr: 072-545-4655 or ask

They have fabulous finds and next time I go, I will be sure to do a full write-up.

Yes – sadly I have no decorated cupcakes to fancy it up right now…. but that is what you get from being away and coming home unpacking – no home-baked goodies for photo styling !


Each of you reading my blog or being in my life just makes my happy.

I will always love you.




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  • Paget Bahr says:

    Love you too!!! PRB

  • samantha Soranson says:

    Thanks friend!!!! I love the cake stand. Its like you have to chow down the whole cake before you get to the message!!! My kinda message!!!

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