A special way to say…


Sometimes you have something really special to say.

And flowers don’t always do the trick….yes, they are beautiful when fresh…but they die…very prematurely sometimes.

And if you want your message to last a little longer than the average bouquet…you might want to consider this !

There is still something very romantic about postcards …

And these ones for today are called – “Princess Fancypants  Copper Postcards” by catbird.


Isn’t that sweet?  You order a copper postcard with your own personalised message on it.

It will last and will surely get the message across that it was a longer lasting thought or thank you, than the usual.

The recipient will absolutely LOVE you for doing that  – especially in a world where 90 % of thank you’s now get send either via e-mail or text messaging!

Nothing says more “you are special” than somebody who has gone out of their way to show their appreciation of something you did or their support for something you are about to undergo.

If you’d like to see more of this or any other item, visit catbird.

What do you do when you have something special to say to someone?…. Let me in  – maybe I get to know a few ideas.




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  • Grethe says:

    MMmmmm…..I like the idea of it. Quite unusual. Which in my mind is what makes a gift special. It is a bit pricy for a small gift – more the “special occasion” type gift. I think if it shows that you have put some thought and effort into it, people appreciate it so much more. Doesn’t have to be big, even a small scented candle in a beautiful tin from a friend yesterday made my day. The same friend gave me a hand cream. Loved it, not just because it’s a nice cream, but because of the beautiful box it comes in…


    Personally I like something that you can use / eat….something that doesn’t have to “find a place” in your home afterwards. Home baked goodies always good, or something wrapped nicely like these dolly mixture


    • Ilze says:

      yep – pricy – that is why it has to be SUPER SPECIAL and one of those absolutely worth keeping in a memory box forever…not eaten up in a tick! love the links. thx

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