Does it ever end?


Dear Friends

I have now been trying to get my blog up and running for months… and yet it feels like the end to the techie manual before I can really sit back and get to what really matters – the posts!!! , is still nowhere in sight for me…!!!

I have no idea who to give credit for this photo, as I know it is circulating as the “BOOK of HOW TO UNDERSTAND WOMEN”… but since I believe  – you never will..only women do and they dont need a book on that… I feel it rather inappropriate and in any event the book would be outdated before it goes into print…so I see it more fit to use as my “manual” on how to get things 100% on my blog !


Yes – I admit – a LOONG way to go….like my very incomplete blogroll.

In the meantime – please bear with me – I am going to now start ignoring the glitches and the fact that the header changes daily…and hope that you will be happy to ride along untill me and you find a happy place for the blog.

Too much time being wasted on getting it perfect !!

Time to start blogging and hope the rest will catch on soon…

If any of you bloggers are reading this – are you also feeling a little inundated with techie stuff sometimes??

Not being a pro at graphics etc and yet, love blogging so you can’t let it get in the way???!! Let me know – we can share the pain !!

ps – By the way – please let me know glitches you experience… I will find the input rather helpful right now and not critical at all….be nice though??!!

Sending you my best….x



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  • Libby says:

    Good to see you posting here! Yes things will come together I promise I have not abandoned you… although you’d be forgiven in thinking I had.

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    Makes me happy that you got this far down on my blog ! See some older posts in the Archives or by clicking back.

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