Arthur or Martha??


I had a colleague at my office who used the Australian colloquialism of being in a state of confusion on an almost daily basis.

I still hear her …“I am so confused today, I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha ?!”.

Tomorrow I will be leaving with my kids on summer break for a 2 month period.

I will be going to my home country of South Africa.

Living an expat life requires you to have a house and a home.

Both of those need to be YOU, but some days when I travel between where I live and where I come from, I am not sure if I am Arthur or Martha.

It requires a lot of adaptation to change your whole outlook on life and how you live it, on a semi-annual basis (most years we go to SA twice a year).

Some countries just couldn’t be more different..


In Korea they have a level of attention to detail to the n’th degree.

Yes, in the parking lot of the mall, they paint a zone on the floor to mark the safest place for a family to walk, taking into account the car flow in the parkade. We live very protected here.


In Africa, some desperately needed signs are often missing. You are left to your own devices for safety and security. We rough it up when there and have to face our fears going about our daily lives.


But we love our beloved country and the rainbow nation of people that awaits us there.

I live currently in the city that has the fastest internet speed in the whole wide world.  Followed by 11 cities in Korea before the next country even pitches. The US only ranks 16th .

In the town where I will be, I am lucky when the internet signal holds me out. And the connection is so slow I could go for a coffee break between loading pages.

I am going to try my best to keep on blogging…using every opportunity I get to share some thoughts and ideas that might pop into my head.

But in case I go quiet, my internet might just be down….

..or I may have fallen into a pothole – low and behold !

Now the big question remains – which one do I call my house and which one my home?

To a great summer…..sorry –  WINTER-  break for us, that lies ahead !!

Safe travels to all my friends who will be doing the same.

To take us away…who else than Arthur and Martha !  Enjoy.



2 responses to Arthur or Martha??

  • samantha soranson says:

    Have a great summer Arthur I mean Martha~!!!!

  • Grethe says:

    He-he! Cool post. Enjoy! Looking forward to have you on (roughly) same time zone as us.

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